Thursday, May 22, 2014

4th of July: Scrapbook Pages

I cross my heart that I will get caught up on my scrapbooking this year. I also crossed my fingers while saying that so it doesn’t count, right? ;)

Finally scrapbooked some older 4th of July photos, as in 2008 old. I’ll consider this a mini victory in my quest to get a little more caught up this year, ha!

4th Parade 

Can we just take a moment to talk about how tiny and little my kiddos are here?! Six years has gone by so fast! Look how cute and adorable they were – ok still are – but gosh I was having major nostalgia as I was scrapping these photos.  Fun fact, the layout was inspired by this layout by my friend Susan. (Yep that Susan, and yep we’re friends in real life - it’s kinda cool.)

I also did an exact page for Gwynie, just subbing out the top photo of Brady for a photo of her.  I’m still doing duplicate pages for both kids and some with the slight variations on colors or photos and yes, I’m still crazy for doing that.

Parade Close Up

These little flags are so fun! I used them all over the place on these pages! The journaling talks about our love of small town parades. There is just something special about them!


Their faces crack me up in these photos! We enjoyed fireworks at the park and then headed home for sparklers and our mini fireworks.

Fireworks Close Up

The paper was printed with lots of details so I tried to minimize and keep it fairly simple by only adding a few embellishments.


Happy 4th

This was another page that the printing/paper design was pretty bold so I just added a few things to the page.

  Happy 4th Close Up

Hard to believe that it’s almost summer time and another 4th of July will be upon us!

I’m once again linking up these pages to the Moxie Fab World Scrapbooking Rocks Challenge. Thank goodness for getting some motivation to tackle stacks and stacks of photos I’ve neglected. for awhile :)

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Brady’s 4th Grade School Pictures: Scrapbook Page

I can’t believe the kiddos are just days away from being finished with this school year. Which made me remember that I had to get last years school pictures scrapbooked!

4th Grade Brady

My little Brady is such a sweetie and of course I’m being totally biased, but he’s just the cutest kid ever, too! :) It’s amazing to me how much he’s grown in the past year.

4th Grade Brady Close Up

It’s always one of my favorite things to see what their answers are on the questions I ask each year. Some things never change, for example Brady has said the color blue is his favorite ever since Kindergarten! But seeing movies or shows change is always fun to recall what they were into at the time. I also love to see their handwriting change right along with their interests or favorite things. I hope that I’m capturing just a little bit of their childhood for them with these pages!

Past school layouts can be seen at the bottom of this page.

I’m linking up this page to the Moxie Fab World Scrapbooking Rocks Challenge.

I have a few summer related pages to share to wrap up what I’ve been working on lately that I’ll share this week!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Gwynie School Pictures: Scrapbook Pages

It has been a while since I’ve shared anything new! We have been going non-stop and while I don’t anticipate us slowing down anytime soon (softball, wrestling and football simultaneously plus a husband coaching all three sports anyone??), I did take some time to myself on Mother’s Day to play and scrapbook. I’ve been perpetually behind on my scrapbooking but have a goal to get a few things caught up this year. Riiiiight…. ;)

Each year I like to scrapbook the kids’ school photos and have them write their favorite things. I haven’t had Gwynie write anything about 8th grade yet, but I plan to have her do more than the standard “favorites” I ask. I want to do a full page of her thoughts and experiences as she finished her last year of middle school before entering high school, but we’ll see if she agrees to it. ;)

Beautiful Gwynie Girl

I used the Crate Paper Random Collection for this layout. I loved how it picked up some of the colors in her shirt, but also had a sweet and eclectic vibe to it, just like this kiddo. I added some fun sequins but everything on the page came from the kit – sweet!

Beautiful Close Up

While I was working on the layout above I pulled out a Spring photo from 7th grade that I still hadn’t scrapbooked. I mimicked the design of the page above to recreate the page below and take some guess work out of the page.

Darling Gwynie

This used another Crate Paper collection I’ve had for awhile and finally dug into.

Darling Close Up


I’m so glad I had a chance to spend some time scrapbooking! It takes me longer to do pages than cards (obviously) but is always so fulfilling to see complete pages and then watch the kids grow as I flip through their albums.

I’m linking up these pages to the Moxie Fab World Scrapbooking Rocks Challenge!


I also spent some time organizing the kiddos’ albums too…yikes. I don’t scrapbook chronologically and it can be a chore to add those pages back in, haha. At 14 and 11, and having an album for each year of their little lives, my kiddos have quite a few albums. ;) Here’s just a few pictured below!


I finished up quite a few pages that I’ll be sharing this week!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

April Publications

I was so excited to have two cards in the April CARDS issue, but also exciting was to have a project in the Create: All About Baby issue that also came out in April!

Nursery Decor

This baby banner and matching frame are part of a set for the Nursery Decor section. I have a sweet friend that I can’t wait to give this to when I receive it back from the publisher! Hopefully she likes it. :) (Brittany – I am talking about you and Miss Kennedy here!)

Next, these two cards were previously on my blog so are kind of repeats, but wanted to reshare since I had taken them down upon notice of acceptance.

Easter Wishes Bunny Happy Spring 

Although Easter and Spring have passed, still good to have some ideas for next year!