Monday, May 28, 2012

We’re Crusin!

We are so excited! This trip has been highly anticipated by the four of us for awhile!

First up, a trip to Florida……


To see these awesome people, my fam!

This was taken in 2010, we missed out last year on a photo, better get it updated this time! We all look so different, it is definitely time for a new photo!


We’ll leave the kiddos with grandma and grandpa, which all parties are thrilled and stoked for, while Jake and I are treated to a 7 day Western Caribbean Cruise! We’ll be on the Legend, and have booked excursions at each destination on our trip.


To make things even sweeter, Jake and I decided it was time to upgrade our camera! We got the Nikon D5100, and purchased the additional 200mm lens, and I couldn’t be happier with it! Still learning everything, but thus far I am loving it! Hoping to take some fabulous pictures to share with you after we get back!



Then, once our cruise gets into port, that night we have the pleasure of watching my youngest sister in a roller derby bout! Go Ocala Cannibals!



We are all ready for some fun and some R & R! The kids are officially checked out of school, our dog Ryker has been taken to the doggy hotel to be boarded while we are gone, and our backs are all packed!

We’ve been counting down the days, and now we’re counting down the hours! Our flight leaves at 6:00 am which means a very early morning start (like four hours from now). I probably better get some shut-eye if I possibly can. The anticipation is killing me so who knows if I would be able to sleep anyway, haha Can’t wait to see my family and I can always sleep on the plane right? ;)

I may not be blogging during the time we’re gone but can’t wait to share some fun photos in two weeks! Florida here we come!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Summer Fun – A Scrapbook Layout

After all of the holiday layouts I’ve been working on it was a nice change of pace to whip out a summery page.

The story: Brady is such a water lovin’ boy! He has always been a fan of the water…bath time, swimming at the pool and even running through the sprinklers. As long as it involves water he’s happy!

The layout: If you’ve been visiting my blog a little you know I am such a fan of sketches as starting points for my layouts! This one was inspired by the Sketch #208 from Creative Scrappers. I used a neutral base and wanted to add some texture so I misted it with a blue spray mist. This also helped to mimic water. A few pops of orange and yellow finished it out with the title topper from Fancy Pants. 

Tip to Note: I wanted to use red on my layout to match Brady’s swim top but loved the look of the yellow, blue and orange paired together. I am a fan of using colors to match my photos, but sometimes it’s ok to just let those “internal rules” you have go out the window. ;)  You might be happily surprised with the results and ready to let other self imposed rules you have on your papercrafting slide every now and then.


Friday, May 25, 2012

Content – A Scrapbook Layout

Last May Jake and I were treated to a five day trip to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico as part of my Employee of the Year nomination.

(The coloring came out weird sorry!)

The story: It was an incredible trip, and was the first vacation we had taken without the kids in over 10 years! I wanted to document that experience and how much we enjoyed that time together. Of course we missed the kids, but we were content to just be us, husband and wife, totally in love.

The layout: I used the sketch below from Stuck Sketches as a starting point for my layout. I had a couple variations on the title placement, and sizes of squares and photo, but overall I think the layout shows the basis and inspiration from the sketch. I used an American Crafts collection for the bright colors that reminded me of Mexico.

Tip to Note: I am using my orange washi tape like crazy these days! For some reason it seems to work for a lot of my layouts lately. ;) If something is working, leave it out on your desk or table space so it’s within reach. :)

May 15th

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Must Love Dogs –A Scrapbook Layout

I have an awesome job. I work for a great company and I love the people, the culture and the way the company takes care of everyone. Not to mention the kick ass parties. We also do some pretty cool events and celebrate each holiday in our own crazy and fantastic ways.

Must Love Dogs

The story: On Valentine’s Day we had a photo contest where your team had to pick a movie title which best represented your relationship. Our team of girls decided that since we all have and love our dogs we would do our theme with the movie Must Love Dogs (sorry your head got cut off when I had it enlarged and printed Krystal!). We brought our dogs in as living props for our photo, ha, and were thrilled when we won! My puppy is the Siberian Husky (Ryker) that refused to cooperate and look at the camera. ;)

The layout: I am loving the doily look and found it was the perfect addition on this layout and was inspired by the challenge at  Scrap Fit to decorate with a doily. I knew I wanted to use hearts on the layout since it was around a Valentine’s photo and so used the patterned paper (American Crafts) paired up with some chipboard pieces by Pebbles. Hearts and doilies are just made for each other right?! ;) The washi tape and thickers are also American Crafts. The cute little doggy prints are from a Skipping Stones Design set and were stamped in gray on the background cardstock.

Tip to Note: The colors of the layout were completely influenced by the patterned paper. From the washi tape, to the base cardstock, and the chipboard accents I made all color choices based on that piece of paper. It’s really not a tip, but I love to play with a few colors from the patterned paper I worked with to complement the layout. There is yellow, gray and orange, plus a little pink on the photo mat that offset the paper and bring it all together.

We’ve definitely done some awesome events and great parties, can’t wait to scrap more of these and share!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Pumpkin Carving–A Scrapbook Layout

Trying to challenge myself and scrap some older photos. I have the hardest time scrapbooking holiday photos for some reason. They tend to stack up and I now have three or four years (ok maybe more) worth of Halloween and Christmas photos waiting to be scraped. Maybe this will be the year I finally scrapbook those lingering pictures from 2006. ;)

The story: Forcing myself to get with the program and tackle some of the holiday photos from years past. I pulled out these old pumpkin carving photos of the kids from 2007. Still have the pumpkin patch and costumes to scrapbook, but progress has been made.

They layout: I used this sketch from Soul Scrappers to get started. It’s called a “Negative Space” sketch as there is lots of white space and pen room on the layout which I loved as I wanted to use a pretty busy patterned paper. This is a combo of several bits and pieces from my stash, but when you’re just doing two colors it’s easy to match white, black and orange up for a cohesive look . :)

Tip to Note: I layered a little bit of washi tape under my cardstock with the “2007” year stickers to set it apart. I love how using such a simple backing gives it a different look and allows it to stand out.

Pumpkin Carving Brady

Brady’s page above and Gwynie’s below. I love to create similar pages for the kids of the same event, so easy to reproduce and they end up with the same memories in each of their books!

Pumpkin Carving Gwynie

This is the sketch the layouts were based on. I think I was able to stay fairly close to sketch although I moved my title over a smidge.


I realize sharing a Halloween layout in the summer is a little odd, but I’m just glad to have these done and in the kids’ books instead of in my photo sorter, haha. :)

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Ski Bums – A Scrapbook Layout

I love using sketches as a starting point for my scrapbook layouts and loved this one by Diana Fisher that she designed for The Paper Variety.

The story: I shared Gwynie and Jake’s ski date layout last week, but we also went as a family for a day of boarding at The Canyons. It was a gorgeous day, and although I didn’t get pictures on the mountain (I’m not talented enough to be on a snow board and trust myself with my camera!), we snapped these quickly on the lift. This is for Gwynie’s album so I still have to do Brady’s layout.

The layout: I used an older Cosmo Cricket pack and loved mixing up these patterned papers for a fun collage-y look. The snowflakes were cut out on my Big Shot with Sizzix dies. I used white felt thickers for the title to convey and mimic snow.

Tip to Note: The ribbon is actually from a “boy” package but the colors paired well enough that I used it on this very pink layout. Although some products can be specific to a gender you can always play with colors and switch things up!

Ski Bums

Here’s the sketch!


PS – One week from today we’ll be headed on vacation to Florida! I’m ready to soak up some sun, see my family and I’m dying for my very first cruise! Hoping that after all these snowy layouts in the summer I’ll be happily scrapping tropical layouts in the winter. ;)

Monday, May 21, 2012

New Threads – A Scrapbook Layout

New school year, new threads. It’s always interesting to see what the new trends and styles are and then see what my kids will like and gravitate towards. As the school year wraps up I wonder what to expect in a couple months when we start this process again.

The story: Gwynie has always loved the skull and cross bones/Avril Lavigne look and was thrilled to find several outfits with skull and cross bones on them. These were taken on her first day of fourth grade.

The layout: I had these papers together with these photos for awhile, but never felt that stroke of inspiration to complete a layout. There was a recent challenge on Soul Scrappers (one of my fave scrapping challenge sites) with criteria that included different sizes of patterned paper. This worked perfect to use these sheets and came together so fast!

Tip to Note: If it wasn’t for this challenge I probably wouldn’t have figured out a fun way to use all these patterns. Experiment with different sizes and don’t be afraid to cut them down!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Cheer – A Scrapbook Layout

Gwynie moved on from dance and cheer classes to softball and the batting cages. I will admit it was a little hard for me to watch my sweet girl trade in her ballet shoes for cleats and her pom poms for a bat and mitt; however, she loves softball and I’m proud watching her compete and seeing her thrive in something she’s passionate about.

The story: Although my girl may never take a dance class again as she favors sports, I still have the pictures to prove she did cheer, hip hop and tumbling classes once upon a time. ;)  I finally scrapped some of those pictures this past week. One of my favorite scrapping sites Soul Scrappers had a sketch challenge that worked perfectly for me to crop these pictures of a cheer recital. I was hesitant to cut them at first, but was excited with the results to have just her as the focus of these pictures.

The layout: Taking the sketch (below) I cut the photos and two pieces of cardstock to 2.5 inch squares. I skipped the journaling across the top, but still stuck with the rest of the sketch.

Tip to Note: The background patterned paper was already printed with the paint splatters, but you could always add more if you wanted. You could use watered down paints and flick it on, or even use spray mists. It’s such a fun look and easy to change up the look of your basic patterned paper.


I still have a few more pictures of her dance recitals to get to, maybe this will motivate me to finish those off!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Shaving Heads for the Fight Against Cancer!

I’m very fortunate to work for an incredible company that gives back to it’s employees in countless ways. I’ve been on the receiving end of great perks, but also appreciate the fact that CLEARLINK gives back to the community and takes care of their employees.

A co-worker was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and started chemotherapy last week. She was going to shave her head and several guys, including my husband and his whole department, shaved their heads alongside her! It was a great event and the perfect way to show our support! CLEARLINK did a booth at the Race for the Cure event this past weekend, raised money for the Komen Foundation and designed and sold shirts for our team!



Part of the group that shaved their heads! We had about 20 guys total.


Here goes Jake!


Jake was the first to go and then all his employees (pictured right behind him) followed his lead! These guys are pretty trusting of their boss! ;)



Now it’s Ben’s turn!


They’re missing one guy, but here’s Jake with his team. His guys are great and I was super proud of all of them!


These are all pics I took with my phone that day. I think it’s cool what my husband did and it meant a lot to Diane to see everyone do this for her. Plus, he’s still a hottie to me. ;)

Way to go guys!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Couture in Motion–Fashion Show

Jake and I had the unique opportunity to attend the Couture in Motion fashion show presented by Ballet West and Farasha last Friday night. A fun thing about this event is that all the models are Ballet West dancers!

Our company was a sponsor for this event so we had All Access Pass tickets which included admission to the pre-show party, reserved seating and complimentary drink tickets and hors d’oeuvres. To say this was a swanky event would be an understatement!

I didn’t take my big camera and really wished I would have. There were some great looks and just the experience of watching a fashion show was amazing! I totally understand why these are a big deal now, ha! The clothes that were modeled were available for purchase and are carried in the retail store, but unfortunately were well out of my price range. They were incredible though! Also, one detail I loved was that all the dancer/models wore either French braids or buns. I said to Jake at one point that you can never underestimate the power of those seemingly simple looks, they were stunning!


Favorite look of the night: Pairing gray, white and coral pink together…gorgeous! Also, the layered/ruffle dress with the white leather jacket was one that even Jake took note of and really liked.

Weirdest look of the night: Super long pockets on the outside of baggy pants (seen on the end of row four). What were they thinking? I don’t get it.

Weird but amazing look: Purple top with green tights, and then flipping it with a green top and purple tights for another look. Cool idea! Reminded me of the Joker from Batman, but still a cool look that I sort of want to try out now!

The Shoes: TO DIE FOR! I swear every single shoe I saw I wanted! There were several styles that were all decked out in rhinestones on the heels. I’m ready to pull out my bedazzler to get this look. ;)

Hair and Make-up: Again French braids and buns rocked this show. I felt some of the girls had too dark of make up on for their skin tone and they didn’t play up their features or accent their outfits. There was a lot of gray on the eyes and with all those bright and gorgeous outfits I would have loved some purples, greens, pinks and just a few grays.

While at the pre-party we were asked if we wanted to purchase raffle tickets with the proceeds going to the ballet. We decided to purchase one, since they were $25. We figured either way it was for a good cause whether we won anything or not. We looked at the prizes and I said we should drop our ticket in the bowl with the least amount of other tickets. ;) Although there were prizes like four tickets to the ballet, and makeup classes for up to six people, I said Jake should put it in for the Porsche sunglasses. Funny enough, he won!

He ended up winning the Porsche P 8478 Sunglasses and they are pretty cool! We still can’t believe he won, and we had a fabulous time and an awesome experience!