Friday, August 31, 2012

Before & After Outfit

Sometimes you have a “light bulb” moment, an ah-ha instance.

That moment for me was reading this blog, Putting Me Together, and seeing a picture of her tucking her shirt into her skirt and sometimes adding a belt. So I kept reading and learned a little bit more about “remixing” your wardrobe.

I decided to try this out the very next day and on Wednesday I put this outfit together…notice how I used to wear this outfit in the before, and how I dressed it up by tucking it in and adding a belt in the after!


The Before:

Same shirt and skirt, but you’ll notice it’s a LOT more casual with white flip flops and some whimsical white earrings. Plus, the whole “loose” shirt just doesn’t give me any shape and kind of hangs on my body.



The After:

Really, all I did was tuck my shirt into my skirt and add a stretchy belt that came with a pair of pants I bought a couple months ago. To dress it up a little more I changed earrings, added a necklace and traded my flip-flops in for some high heels (that you really can’t see with the grass…).  Not only did a I feel more polished and put together, but I loved how this look accentuated my figure. Can you believe these were taken on the same day AND within minutes of each other??!!


I received a TON of compliments on my outfit that day. My friend Brooke asked me where I got my outfit and I replied, “My closet!” ha! ;)These are all things I’ve had for a long time (that skirt is 6+ years old, no joke), but I’ve just never paired them up like this before. Now, I’m looking at my wardrobe in all new ways. I’ve already made a list of different  “completer” items I need to stock up on, a few new accessories to watch out for, and a few basics I’ll need to get my hands on to use in a mix and match way. This won’t be an overnight thing, but slowly and surely (like my house progress!) I’ll get there!

Any tips you can give to styling and mixing your wardrobe?

Thursday, August 30, 2012


I think everyone in the fam gets pretty ample time on the blog (maybe less of Jake but I’m guessing he doesn’t mind too much), but I realized that Ryker has been left out. Ryker is our Siberian Husky and most definitely a member of our family! Ryker has several nicknames like any family member: Ryke, Ryke-a-tyke, Comrade (cause he’s Russian), Ry-ko, Alcatraz (you know, as in Riker’s island) and the list goes on.

We have had Ryker for a little over a year now. He was three months old when we got him last June, and although he can push his puppy limits to the max, we sure do love him.


Ryker, 3 months, June 2011


Ryker, 1 year 3 months, June 2012

It cracks us up to look back at some of these pictures and see how big his ears were! We didn’t notice it then, but he has grown into his ears which makes us glad, haha!


He loves to cuddle. Except now he’s my 50 pound cuddler. This was when we first brought him home! June 2011



He loves car rides but was definitely easier to manage when he was little and tuckered out from geocaching! July 2011


He also likes playing with his girl friend Sadie at her house. August 2011


If I had to say Ryker had a favorite hobby though, it would be running and hanging out at the dog park. September 2011


He also likes playing “follow the kid” at the dog park! ;) Not sure who had more fun that time!


But all that playing leads to a tired puppy! After his first visit to the dog park he was so exhausted from all that running around and had to lay down to drink his water.


Which reminds me, he did this A LOT when we first got him! He laid down all the time to drink his water.


He puts up with a lot. But then again so do we. It’s a mutual understanding.


He was a bit of a handful during the first few puppy training classes, but then was a champ and picked up every trick and skill!


Ahhh look how little he was! Someone loves cuddling with this girly. July 2011


As evidenced by this picture from last weekend! He sure loves her! August 2012


Or maybe it’s her bed he loves….. July 2012


Or maybe it’s just any bed?? Totally caught him watching Secretariat one morning, ha! August 2012


It could be that he just likes blankets and soft pillows in general. He didn’t mind one bit when Jake “tucked him in” one night.

August 2012


In addition to loving pillows and blankets, he LOVES a cool breeze whipping through those ginormous ears and over his face.



One thing he didn’t like though was our new camera with the lens zooming in and out of his face. He hardly ever barks, but let us know how much he didn’t like this one bit! June 2012


When he realized the camera was harmless Jake was able to capture this picture and his gorgeous blue eyes. How can I ever be mad at this cute little face? Well I have been mad, but usually get over it pretty quickly.


Ryker even looks good in cake form! This was Brady’s cake this year and he wanted a Ryker topping! January 2012


Before we went to Florida in June we took Ryker to the dog park to spend some time with him before we had to board him for two weeks. We missed him terribly during that time and each time we board him now it makes me appreciate having him around even more.



OF COURSE I had to sneak in a few of the kiddos from that day! My mom calls Ryker her grand-doggy, but I’m sure she doesn’t mind a few of the grand-kids squeezed in here. ;)


(Please stop growing little miss! You are growing up way to fast!) What gets me even more is that I just said, “Hey Gwynie,” she turned and I snapped this. WHO takes such great pictures like that on the fly?? Oh that’s right, this cute girl above.


Ryker loves to run and play with other dogs!

So, here’s a fun little video I got of him on my iPhone. Ryker always tries to sneak some of my wine out of my glass, and every.single.time. he freaks out after that first taste. You’d think he’d stop, but no…. Seriously, he hardly ever barks except at wine and when Jake is teasing the kids!


As I’ve been typing up this post Ryke has been laying under my feet the whole time. Although he has had his moments we love this crazy dog. He loves us and we love him. Most of the time.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday – Summer Edition

Well, I totally slacked on this whole What I Wore Wednesday thing, ha. Turns out it’s easy for me to get dressed in the morning (because I head off to work M-F) which is why the original author started this series, but it’s harder for me to take photos of what I wore.

So, since this is the LAST Wednesday before September (scary thought right?!), I thought I would at least document for myself some of my favorite summer outfits. I’m going to miss my summer dresses and the ease/casualness of summer clothes, but I will say that I absolutely LOVE fall and am soooo excited for it! Along with that crisp smell in the air, pumpkin lattes from Starbucks, football games and the inevitable chili in bread bowls, it means I have a few more things in my closet I can pull out. ;)

Remember, I am NO fashionista and really only wear what’s comfortable, ha. Bidding adieu to my favorite summer outfits!


Arrivederci to this tank top with the ruffly edges that went with just about everything. Including this long flowy black and white skirt.

Carnival cruise, June 2012


Farewell to my khaki shorts that I paired with many tanks and tees. At least this ruffled tank can be worn with a cardigan!

With my youngest sister at her Roller Derby Bout, Go Cannibals! June 2012


So long to my awesome bright blue dress that I wore with white and black cardigans when going to work, or just by itself on the weekends and after work.

My sisters and I, June 2012


Adios to this cute black dress that was perfect to wear over my swim suit, for a casual night at the local pub, and at our companies summer party.

Puerta Maya, Cozumel, Mexico, June 2012// Kearns Oquirrh Pool, CLEARLINK party, August 2012


Auf Wiedersehen to this scrumptious little navy blue dress. Dinner on the cruise, and then later to a BBQ at a friend’s house.

Carnival Cruise Ship, June 2012


Ciao to my white capris that I hunted all over for, and this bright floral top. I may still wear that top with layers…

Xunatunich Ruins, Belize, June 2012


Until we meet again next summer, my plaid shorts! I’ve have them for a couple years and each summer we reunite.

Utah Summer Games, Cedar City, UT, June 2010

I’m getting more excited to pull out some sweaters and scarves for fall! I actually started to pull out some fall decorations, guess it won’t be long and I’ll be packing summer stuff away. It’s bittersweet, but was fun to look back! ;)

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Brady’s Birthday Layouts

I haven’t scrapbooked for about a month (shocker I know!) but I still had a few more layouts I hadn’t posted on the blog yet. Things have been slightly busy around here….

We had Gwynie's candy buffet birthday party over the weekend, the kids went back to school last week and Jake and I celebrated our anniversary. I posted about some of our daily life happenings, and on the house front I shared the progress made on the kitchen and the living room. Oh yeah, and that fun thing called Football where Brady’s practicing/playing 5 days a week and Jake’s coaching.

So yeah, not a lot of time for scrapping. I’m anticipating once wrestling season starts in a couple months I’ll be spending more time in my craft room since Jake will be busy coaching and at tournaments. ;) But, since I have a few layouts to share today I don’t feel like such a slacker. Except when I tell you the fact that these are birthday pics from Brady’s 4th and 5th birthday’s and he’s 9 now….haha.

He's Four!

The story: We had a Thomas the Train party with friends and family that I’d scrapbooked awhile back, but I found this extra picture of his cake from his actual birthday and wanted to get it in his scrapbook.

The layout: I started off with an embossed sheet of cardstock and then just layered on a few other sheets of paper and chipboard embellishments. It was really fun to just layer and add some small elements together that I really liked.

Tip to Note: The little flag was made with a strip of paper and a toothpick. Something so simple and added just a touch of fun!

Candles and CakeBirthday Boy

The story: Again, like the other layout I had some random and extra photos from Brady turning 5. There were presents galore from grandparents, and a homemade cake that I later vowed I’d leave the decorating to the professionals, but Brady loved it.

The layout: I used papers and embellishments from the Prima Youth collection for both pages and kept it really simple to just load up with pictures.

Tip to Note: A simple technique that I always enjoy adding to my pages is tearing the edges of your paper. It’s sooo easy for one, and it adds a cool element and texture to your page. It also makes it a bit edgier and distressed looking. Perfect for boy pages!

Well, I’m starting to get caught up on the kids scrapbooks, but I’m still a couple years behind, ha! Sometimes I feel discouraged by that fact, but honestly I really enjoy the hobby and have learned to just appreciate the process and know that one day I may be caught up. ;)

Monday, August 27, 2012

First Football Game – 2012-2013 season!

It’s football time!

Over the weekend Brady had his first game. It was a pre-season game and they will have their first “official” game this weekend, but it was a good warm-up for the team to get those jitters out and work on a few things. They won 26-14 and had a blast!

I took around 300 pictures, but like any sports thing I only end up with a handful that are actually good. ;) I picked out some of my favorites below!

I also created this little gif of the boys running through the banner after half-time. I didn’t realize it at the time, but after looking through these pictures I found out Brady is the little guy that grabbed part of the banner and ran with it. HA!


Here’s the boys at turbo speed! ;)



Now some pictures from the game!

Warming up


The game was against Brady’s old team… :( This would have been Jake’s team as he was going to be the A team coach for Cyprus if we hadn’t moved out to Stansbury. Brady’s best friends are on this team, but he decided they could be friends after the game, not on the field.




Hey hot stuff!


Gwynie was recruited to help hold the banner!


A player hurt his leg on the field so our coach picked him up and brought him back to the sidelines. Way to go Brandon!


Here’s Brady standing next to one of the bigger kids on the team. Brady is the smallest on his team…hopefully he grows soon!




Jake always makes sure to shake the officials hands after the game is over to thank them for reffing.


The boys were so excited and were jumping up and down after their win! Look at my cute Brady in the front!


We missed getting a picture with Brady’s best friend Taylor, but we found Carter and got a picture of the two together.



We have games every Saturday at noon for the next several weeks and they will continue to practice five days a week until after Labor Day when they go down to three days. I’d say we’re ready for a fun and busy football season! Go Stallions!