Friday, July 27, 2012

What’s in your purse?

There used to be a fun meme going around to share the contents of your purse and I thought it would be fun to share what’s in mine today! The rules: No taking anything out, photo the things in your purse as is! If you’re not a purse person, share what’s in your wallet/backpack, etc.


Here are all the things you’d find in my purse!

1. Three tubes of Mentha lip gloss//Bath & Body Works 2. Dark Kiss lotion//Bath & Body Works 3. Wallet//Rue 21 4. iPhone 5. Black moleskine journal//work 6. Pink moleskine journal//personal 7. Current book//The Female Brain 8. Colored pens 9. Keys 10. Crystal Light packets 11. Emergency deodorant 12. Sunglass case 13. Sunglasses//Prada 14. Work badge & keys 15. Hair ties & bobby pins

Below is the Roxy bag/purse I’ve been using lately. Not exactly a “purse” purse, but it has a lot of room and different pockets for all my stuff which I love and keeps me a little more organized. My wallet is crammed with all the receipts, loose change, id’s, cards, etc. which definitely helps me keep a clean purse.


So this begs the question….What’s in your wallet, purse?

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Wrestling Scrapbook Layouts

I worked on some layouts Sunday and kept them pretty simple so I could get caught up. For some reason I’m gravitating to more grid style layouts.

StateDude, you won!

The story: These two layouts are from State Wrestling last year. Brady had a great match for 3rd/4th place and when he won we were so excited!

The layout: Both pages used Teresa Collins Sports collection and Prima Youth. Again, just some grid type layouts to get things easy on the page.

Tip to Note: I was able to use one 12x12 sheet of each patterned paper, but on both pages by alternating the sizes for each. It really helped to add more patterns without cutting into lots of sheets of paper.

I still have a few more layouts to share from what I did last weekend, it feels so good to get these done!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday

I recently started following The Pleated Poppy and she posted a fun link party today I thought I would join, What I Wore Wednesday.

Now, I am no fashionista by any means! Remember the app that changed my life, or at least my wardrobe and closet? I’m still using it and experimenting with my outfit choices. I can’t say I’m trendy though, I’m just a simple girl but sometimes I pull off cute looks. ;)

I have the option to dress up or not at the office, and often days I do. Now that summer has hit I am loving skirts and dresses and capris! So it’s funny that on a day I see this I am wearing a skirt!

PS – Ignore my “I just got home from work” face and hair. And the fact that my sheer shirt billowed out in the wind and gave me a not so slimming tummy. ;)

PPS – Thanks to Gwynie for snapping this photo of me!


Shirt// TJ Maxx

White Cami// Kohls

Wrap around skirt// Mall store (purchased 11 years ago!)

Flip Flops// Old Navy




Necklace// Wal-Mart (yup!)

Earrings// Claire’s


This outfit is super comfy and I love how flowy everything is. So, what did you wear today?!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Steps and Advice to “Make it Work”

As I’m doing this whole house décor overhaul I’ve had a certain thought consistently permeate my mind.


Sure, I know it would be so much easier to just unpack everything I owned and put it up in my new house and call it good. But, I know what I want, and what I want is a fresh new look. That of course takes time and patience. The latter is a virtue I hear, and one I don’t exactly possess. (Just ask Jake and the kids. Or the dog, he could tell you too.)

This past weekend as I was unpacking decoration boxes from the kitchen and living room I had this moment of panic.

As I looked at the items that had been in our old house and part of our décor I felt I HAD to put this or that in our new house. So I spent an agonizing 30 minutes trying to figure out where certain things should go and started to question my sanity and why I couldn’t get this ONE thing to fit in with my new look. I got crazy overwhelmed and wondered for the umpteenth time... “WHAT AM I DOING?!”

But then, as the feelings went away and I calmed back down, I realized what had just happened.

I am so eager to have things done NOW (even though I keep telling myself to take my time) that I resorted to extremes, like almost completely ignoring the color palate I’ve come up with, to make something work. Ladies, you know as well as I do Tim Gunn would say, “Make it work.” But I felt like nothing was going to help the hot mess I was making in my own house except for me to…well, make it work, but in my own way.


So, as I sat in a chair in my garage and literally watched spray paint dry (that’s another project post) I contemplated what I could do in this situation. Results are only tested by me. Try at your own risk.

Kandi’s Steps and Advice to “Make it Work”

1. Go back to your vision: Find the images you loved that inspired you to make the change. Know the look you want to achieve and see if it fits in with that look. If not, see rule #2. If you think you can make it work, go to step 3.
2. If it doesn’t “work” with your current or new décor, let it go. Or at least leave it in a box until you know for sure you don’t want it. Get it out of your head, and sight, for a few weeks. Possibly months. After you’ve made some big changes and significant strides in your overhaul/redesign, see if it has a place among all your new treasures. Think you can use it but not in it’s current state? See rule #3.

3. Spray paint, spray paint, spray paint. I’m not much of a DIY girl really, I just paint and spray paint stuff. A $3 can of spray paint is a whole lot cheaper than retail therapy. Plus, you’ll get that perfect color you’ve been searching for and you get to keep something you like. Still not a fit? You know the drill, see below.

4. Try it in another room. You love it, you know you want it in your house somewhere…see if there are any other rooms those décor pieces could work in. Things that were in my old living room surprisingly worked well in my new kitchen. Don’t be afraid to mix it up. Think bathrooms too. They can always use a little sprucing up right? Still not a fit…?

5. Give it a trial run. Ok, so you aren’t sold on it claiming a spot in your vision, but it’s not like you’re gluing it down to make it a permanent fixture, and you’re not cementing it in stone. Unless you are, and then that’s a totally different story. Test it out. Leave the item in question in a spot for a week. Does it bother you or make you happy? If you’re still not sold, consider #2, or #3 or #4 until you’re sure you don’t want it/need it/love it. At that point, part ways, you’ll feel better.

Here is a quick example, and one of the small steps I took, in taking my own advice.

I wanted to add some more color to my basket below and I had some brown/cream wicker balls from my old house that had been in another type of wire basket. I tried them in there, but it just didn’t work. The counter tops may have brown in them, but it’s not a color I’m wanting to add in the kitchen palette. Yellow, aqua and gray with complementing black and white are my choice colors and what I’m basing the décor on. (There will be a little green from plants, etc. but that’s it.)


So, I walked myself through my rules…

1. Yes, the orbs fit with the theme and vision, they just didn’t look right with the color.

2. I knew I could “make it work” so skipped this step.

3. Perfect! White and aqua spray paint to the rescue!

All I did was take three of those wicker orbs and spray painted them, but that was all they needed. Not only did I save myself some money by buying all new decorative orbs, but I was able to get them in the exact colors I wanted. I can’t tell you how long I’ve been trying to find the perfect find aqua orbs. I’m sure I’ll stumble upon them any day now. ;)


I’m putting myself through this with each thing I unpack. Some items are perfect and I don’t even question it. Others, well, others are staying in boxes. I went all the way through my steps and ended up back at #2 where I just had to put it back in the box and decide later what to do with it.

Overall though, I’m enjoying “shopping my house” for new finds in different rooms, or finding things to repurpose with spray paint (which is a ton). I hope this helps anyone else that is going through a redesign and isn’t quite sure what to do with their “stuff” and can’t quite make it work. We’ll see what other progress I make over the next few months!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Parade of Champions – A Scrapbook Layout

Well, I’m finally to the point where I can unpack some of my crafty stuff! Now, that doesn’t mean I’ve done a whole lot of other moving/unpacking related things, but I know where my priorities lie. Are ya with me?! 

I spent Sunday cleaning, unpacking and crafting…and it was perfect.

Since it’s been awhile that I’ve had a chance to put my papers, tape and photos together I used a sketch from Creative Scrappers (#218) as a warm-up.

Parade of Champions

The story: In Brady’s second year of wrestling he was competing for 3rd/4th place at State. Since he was in the medal rounds he was invited to walk in the Parade of Champions. I loved that I was able to get such cute pictures of him! He had a blast and was so excited to walk!

The layout: This layout is based on the sketch below, and is a combination of two different collections (Teresa Collins Sports and Prima Youth). I mixed in some chipboard elements, and alternated the Thickers in the title to pull more of the colors together.

Tip to note: The long panel of Champion/Game was a full 12x12. I cut it in half, overlapped them in the middle and then placed my other papers over it. By doing this I was able to shorten it up without losing the elements on the top and bottom of the paper.


I was able to create several more layouts that I’ll share this week. I really focused on just “getting them done” so some are a bit more simple than others, but I’m ok with that.

We have a lot going on this week and weekend and hopefully I can get around to unpacking some more….craft or otherwise. ;)

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

What I’m Reading

I am a book nerd.

I was the kid that got in trouble for crappy handwriting because I would speed through my work so I could go to the reading corner.*

I tune everything out when I’m sucked into a good book.

I have a reading list on Goodreads that is a mile long.

Basically, I like books.

I’ve been reading a ton of YA books lately, but wanted to switch gears to something a little different. YA books are like brain candy to me. They don’t really make me think (you could argue that some do), but I enjoy the plot, the characters, the different worlds, etc. and I pretty much devour them in one sitting. See…brain candy.

Here’s what I’m currently working on, I’ll let you know how they turn out!


The Female Brain by Louann Brizendine – description from Goodreads. I’m only the first chapter but already it’s been really  interesting. 

Why are women more verbal than men? Why do women remember details of fights that men can’t remember at all? Why do women tend to form deeper bonds with their female friends than men do with their male counterparts? These and other questions have stumped both sexes throughout the ages.

Now, pioneering neuropsychiatrist Louann Brizendine, M.D., brings together the latest findings to show how the unique structure of the female brain determines how women think, what they value, how they communicate, and who they love. While doing research as a medical student at Yale and then as a resident and faculty member at Harvard, Louann Brizendine discovered that almost all of the clinical data in existence on neurology, psychology, and neurobiology focused exclusively on males. In response to the overwhelming need for information on the female mind, Brizendine established the first clinic in the country to study and treat women’s brain function. In The Female Brain, Dr. Brizendine distills all her findings and the latest information from the scientific community in a highly accessible book that educates women about their unique brain/body/behavior.

The result: women will come away from this book knowing that they have a lean, mean, communicating machine. Men will develop a serious case of brain envy.


The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman – description from Goodreads. I took the quiz and had Jake take it as well so we could determine our “love language” so I could learn more about the languages as I read it. It’s in the back of the book, but you can also take it online, here. Jake (not surprising to me) “speaks” Physical Touch, and I am considered “bilingual” as I scored evenly on two languages, Words of Affirmation and Quality Time. Once I finish up The Female Brain I’ll be starting this one right after!

Are you and your spouse speaking the same language? He sends you flowers when what you really want is time to talk. She gives you a hug when what you really need is a home-cooked meal. The problem isn't your love - it's your love language! In this international best seller, Dr. Gary Chapman reveals how different people express love in different ways. In fact, there are five specific languages of love: Quality time, words of affirmation, gifts, acts of service, and physical touch. What speaks volumes to you may be meaningless to your spouse. But here, at last, is the key to understanding each other's unique needs. Apply the right principles, learn the right language, and soon you'll know the profound satisfaction and joy of being able to express your love - and feeling truly loved in return.


Once those two are done, I’ll probably jump back into a couple YA books I’ve had on my iPad (downloaded in iBooks) for a few weeks now. What are you reading or getting ready to read?

*My handwriting is pretty stellar now, and I was a great student and had good grades. I just wrote sloppy because reading was more important to me than legible handwriting. ;)

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Real Deals on Home Decor

Today I wanted to share THEEE cutest home décor shop I visited over the weekend! Jake went to high school with the owner and saw her sales and updates via Facebook and said we should go check it out which I was more than happy to oblige! Real Deals on Home Décor is in Tooele and is less than 10 minutes from our new house.

It is filled with totally cute collectibles, and is only open on Thursdays and Saturdays, BUT they rotate décor items weekly. I only bought two little decorative orbs on Saturday since it was 15 minutes away from closing time when we arrived, but I’m sure I will have many more pieces from this amazing place!

Since I went with Jake (or drug Jake along with me, ha) Jennifer (the owner Jake knows) let me have a sneak peek of the back room with the new items that will be coming out this week. She recommended to buy it if you like it because chances are it may be gone the next week (since they rotate the items each week). There were definitely things I LOVED in the back room and I can’t wait to go back on Thursday!

These are some pictures I snagged from their Facebook Page. There is so much that I love! There are some pieces that aren’t necessarily my style, but there are things that I see in each picture that I love and want to share.


1. White no. desk 2. Green topiaries 3. White candle holder 4. Giant urns 5. Clocks 6. Yellow pots 7. Lantern holders

8. Bird houses 9. Laundry signs 10. Grass and plants 11. Bird and moss 12. Black plate

13. Aqua ball and holders 14. Green laundry canister 15. Mirrors


I am so excited to visit this cute store again and see what else I can find! Here is a sneak peek of the orbs I bought this weekend, and hopefully later this week I can show you how I used them in my new décor!


Friday, July 13, 2012

Fo’ realz yo!

It should probably come as no surprise that we are a bit exhausted from all this moving stuff.

It’s also probably not a surprise that we have a lot of things to do and projects to tackle with the new house, but our lack of progress in these areas is entirely related to my first sentence.

This is a blog segment that I’d like to call “reality” as I have some unsightly and somewhat funny photos of my lack of progress, or very minimal progress, as compared to the past couple weeks. I figured it was only fair since I’ve been sharing the pretty stuff (ha), and I love those blogs that keep it real and show you that they don’t always have it together either, which clearly I am not one of those always “together” people. ;)

The worst area has been the basement room which will eventually be my office/studio area. It is right off the garage (and laundry room) so it has been this catch-all for basically anything. Also, it’s been a storage place for all of our clothes that we moved that hadn’t been put away yet.  Photos taken early last week.


I made some progress on it this past weekend…but it’s still a long way away from being even close to organized. I setup some of my storage for my craft/studio side, but the rest is still a mess. ;) (Photos taken last night)



The next area that needs some attention is the kids bedrooms. The kids don’t mind, but we still haven’t put their beds together yet. Whoops. At least I can say that Brady’s bed frame is in his room. ;) I’m going to replace their dressers and desks, which I’ve picked out, but just need to order them. Then we’ll start the decorating…but first….the beds. Most likely happening this week (or weekend…ha).



Those are the main areas that are causing me grief, but I figure they will be taken care of this weekend. Hopefully. ;)

After that I might finally get around to hanging stuff on the walls and do some more unpacking…such lofty goals for the weekend. ;)

Friday, July 6, 2012

The Master Bedroom

So, after almost 11 years of marriage, we’re finally getting a grown-up room!

We’ve never done much with our room, ok pretty much nothing. There was always something else we would rather buy, or we plain didn’t care because we didn’t spend a lot of time in our room. I am so glad we made the choice to finally make this room ours and a place we enjoy being in!

Let’s start off with the before, when we knew we had to paint in there, the colors were awful! At least to me they were. Someone out there might like this dark chocolate brown on the walls, but not me, or Jake.


First order of business was to paint! I choose Pebble Gray by Glidden, but had them color match it to Behr paint. We choose Behr because it has the duo – primer and paint – and was recommended to us by the paint person at Home Depot. She ensured it would help cover the dark brown without excess paint. True to her word it worked perfectly!


I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this color! It is so calming and just plain gorgeous!

So, once we did all the painting, and the white trim, we picked up a comforter set at…of all places…Wal-Mart! I saw it online and fell in love with it and knew it would be perfect in our room. We are still putting this room together, including getting things on the walls, etc. but this room makes me so happy when I walk into it.


As you can see the walls are bare, but I have a plan for that back wall. I just need to order something and then I can get started on it! ;) Also, Jake’s nightstand is pretty bare…still working on that one too.


The bedding is the Orkasi set, and I added in the black pillow cases with the extra pillows.


My nightstand has a few things on it, but still playing around with that one as well.

Our dressers are side by side (IKEA) and are currently holding some miscellaneous things that will end up on my vanity once we bring that up here. Also, I’ll end up doing something above the dressers, but Jake is thinking about mounting a tv over them…we’ll see what we end up with before I make any crazy decisions. ;)

I also wanted to share a couple pictures of the master bathroom. When I found the bedding set I also found a shower curtain that totally matched! I believe it’s called the Shadow Leaf shower curtain by Home Trends (same makers of the bedding set).


I still need to get towels in here, but at least we have a cute shower curtain! We only had ONE bathroom in our old house, so now having three, yes THREE full bathrooms, is like heaven. It’s been so fun to get new bathroom things!


The little planter thing on the back of the toilet came from my mother-in-law. She went to a wedding and they gave her one of the centerpieces, which she gave to me. It had crystals hanging all over the branches, red crystals in the bottom, and big red flowers in the middle. Definitely cute for a wedding, but a bit much for me. So I stripped it down to the twigs and the awesome black sand in the bottom. The vase itself is gorgeous and I think it makes a great accent to the bathroom décor.

As you can see, I still have a long ways to go in this room, like adding in a little bit of red, and getting stuff on the walls, but like I’ve been saying this week it’s all about taking my time and making it work.

I am so happy to have this little oasis and a nice retreat!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Working on the kitchen

I showed a sneak peak of the photo below with some pretties I picked up at Tai Pan Trading the other day. Now I can show you what I did with them!


But first, here’s what the kitchen was before. We just touched up the white paint and didn’t really do much in here, other than scrubbing the tops of cabinets and cabinet fronts.


Can I tell you how much I’m loving the vaulted ceilings and the can lights in the kitchen?! So in love!

Now, here’s where I’m starting out in the kitchen with just adding a few elements and decorations here and there. I’m still working on what I want in the upper cabinets. In my old kitchen I had lots of pottery and may put that back up, but again, doing the waiting thing and making it slowly come together. :)

The “family” was in my old living room, and the aqua watering can was a previous silver/tin with lots of painted flowers. I think it had been given to me ages ago and I tossed it on my cabinet tops and basically forgot about it. A few coats of aqua spray paint turned it around and I love it now!


And now a few close-ups of the little touches around the kitchen!


This was the planter you saw in the photo above from my sneak peek with the grass now in it!  I may end up adding a bit more grass to fill it out, but I’m liking the look so far. I also have my fruit bowl next to it (sorry no other close pics, ha) that Jake found at Big Lots a couple years ago. He thought I might like it, and he was so right!


So these side by side photos are the ends of the window. I left blank space in between for some balance and to not clutter up the ledge.

One the left side: The aqua bird house was a former kitchen piece that was a faded wood. Spray paint fixed it up! The large bird house is one I found at a thrift store a few years ago and was in my kitchen before. The candle holder was in my old living room and was also from Tai Pan when I did that last round of decorating. I will be on the lookout for the perfect candle to go on top. ;)  This side may change a little, I don’t know yet.

On the right side: The easel will hold a tile I have to find and unpack, ;) that was given to us this past Christmas. I kept trying to find the right stand for this tile and was so glad when I found this one at Tai Pan. The “P” (for Phillips) was used as a wall decoration on a photo collage I had in my old hallway. Not sure if I’m going to put that back up or not. Anyway, the basket was one I had in my old living room filled with decorative orbs and balls. Ryker ate several of those so I basically had to start over with it. Which worked out perfect anyways so I could redo it for the kitchen. All those balls are ones I got at Tai Pan, and I still want to find a couple more colors and different sizes to fill it out.


This is the counter directly by the sink where I have all sorts of cooking type things….salt, pepper and oil, sugar and flour canisters and the spice rack. The s/p grinders and spice rack were from my Mom for Jake one year for Christmas…remember I don’t do the cooking, it’s all Jake. ;)


By the stove I have the knife stand (missing knives I think are in a box somewhere? ha )  and our utensil holder. I found the hard way that a gas stove (my first!) gets a hot top and those metal utensils get wayyyy too hot when left on there.

I missed the cabinet next to the pantry and the fridge, but the only thing on that counter thus far is my Scentsy so you’re not missing much.


This is the other half of the kitchen, the dining room area. My bakers rack will eventually go on the far wall on the right after I do some painting on it. Normally this table is cleared off and clean, but I wanted to show this area as it was the morning I took these photos….with Brady’s tech decks all over the place, ha!

Eventually I think I’m going to recover these chairs. We have a full bench that goes with the dining room set, but opted to leave it out so the kids could use the chairs as they are getting older. I’ll also do some sort of centerpiece I think on the table, but if it looks cluttery then that’s a no-go. I may also paint the main wall an aqua color but I’m still thinking about it.

Overall I’m really loving the kitchen! It’s so open and has tons of natural light coming in all throughout the day. The next steps for this space would be to finish decorating the tops of the cabinets, hang a couple signs and finish off the dining room area. I have a few ideas kicking around for that wall and a redo of my bakers rack. All in good time. :)