Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Knock Off Canvas Art

The house is coming along, and eventually it will be complete but I’m realizing that everything is about baby steps.

One of the small baby steps I took in our room was adding some custom canvas art. 

It all started and was inspired by the prints below from Z Gallerie. At $89.95 a piece though I knew I could create something that mimicked that sun print look that I loved.



And then I saw this popular little ditty on Pinterest and it sort of set the stage for my grand idea.


Guys, I was literally dancing up and down in my garage when this worked!


Michaels was having a sale on canvases so I snagged a 7 pack of the 11x14 size for $14. Not too shabby for $2 a canvas! I also grabbed some Christmas-ey looking floral pieces that were a dollar each and used the gray spray paint I had on hand.


I started off by laying the canvas down and the floral picks on top. I ended up moving them to their own boxes so I wouldn’t over spray on the other. I missed taking a pic of spray painting because this was a one woman show and I didn’t want to mess it up! BUT…I spray painted it AND….


Then I lifted off the picks and was left with these images! Seriously, this was where I started dancing around my garage! I let the canvases dry for a day and then thought about frames.


I liked the look of the plain canvas, but thought it would look more finished with a frame. I found these wood frames at the DI for $1 and a quick coat of black spray paint did the trick. I worried about how these would stay in the frames since the canvas clips I bought at Michaels were too big. Turns out they fit inside the frames perfectly!


All that was left to do was to add some saw tooth hooks to the canvas so I could hang them in our bedroom.



I’m loving these little custom pieces of art work in our room that I created for less than $5 a picture!

I’m in the middle of working on lamp shades for our repurposed lamps, putting together our end tables and deciding which route to go for this back wall (I have a ton of ideas but can’t settle!)….but I thought it would be nice to show you where they are at in the room. Gah…I have this amazing picture in my head of all the variations on this room, I just need to decide and go for it! ;)


Anyway, it’s a process and it’s baby steps, but I’m so excited with how these turned out!


Hopefully the next time I share something on this room I have several DIY projects knocked out in here. ;)


So what do you think of my version? I’m liking them, especially the cost savings!

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Della said...

OMG! WOW! That is soooooooo cool! said...

Fantastic job! I love the end result. I am a new follower. Thanks for linking up at I hope you'll be back to visit again! I'm excited to see more of your ideas. (Pinning this one!) said...

I’ll be featuring this idea on on Facebook. Be sure to stop by One Creative Weekend to grab a feature button and link up to the new party! I can’t wait to see what you have to share. The party opens tonight.

Unknown said...

I adore this! What a great job! I'm totally going to look for some fun branches and such in the area. :) This looks like so much fun!

Stop on by my blog if you get the chance. :)

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

Fun project! Looks great in your room...thanks for the tutorial!

Polly said...

Dear Kandi, I know it's an old DIY and an old post, but pleeeeaaaaase, would you answer me anyway ? ;-)

I would like to know you made to have TWO colors on your paint ?
On your finished pictures I clearly see white AND a pinch of brown, no ?

Is it as easely as you say it ?
Just put the feather or the leaf on the canvas and painting with the spray?

Can you explain to me, dear Kandi ? Here or on my mail...

Excuse me for my so bad english and kisses from paris ;-)))

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Cristin said...

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