Sunday, August 11, 2013

Spoil Yourself Today

It has been just a littllleeee while since I’ve been on the blog-o. ;) Forgive my absence as I promise I’ll be posting quite a bit more this week. :)

Things got a little crazy busy around here with fun stuff like Convention (which I will finally be sharing this week!), the kiddos coming back from Florida and my Momma visiting for a few days, to then rolling into Football try-outs and practice and getting the kids ready for back to school. So needless to say we’ve been going full speed and soaking up the rest of summer as much as we could!

To get back into blogging how about a card? This was made for my friend LeeLa for her birthday!

Spoil Yourself

My mom and dad also recently had their birthdays but of course I didn’t take pics before giving them to my mom, haha.

Alright, now to finish working on my giant Convention post! ;)

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Brenda Quintana said...

Love your card!! It's so bright and happy!! :)