Saturday, June 30, 2012

Starting to move in…

We’ve got all our furniture here (thanks to some awesome friends!), have set up a few things, like the internet and tv, and are feeling soooo comfortable in our new house!

I still have all of July to clean out our old house and will appreciate that time. In the meantime, I’m slowly working on unpacking everything in our new house.

You see, as Jake and I made the decision to move I knew that I wanted to redecorate in our new house. And not just in one room, but our whole house. Yes, every room in our whole house...

Why? Because I guess you could say we all have grown up/older (including the kids) and have changed. So I want our house, rooms, style and design to evolve and change right along with us. Make sense? Also, I want to go with that saying “out with the old and in with the new.” :)

My “new” ideal rooms need to have lots of light, be comfortable, clean looking and modern yet still retain the “we live in this room” feel.

I’m trying to reuse anything I can from old decorations, and repurpose things with fresh coats of spray paint, etc. I’m also trying to limit what makes it’s way back into the house so am unpacking a bit more slowly. I’m so over clutter and am being selective on what items go where. I’m itching to get all my crafty stuff out but that may have to wait a bit longer until more of the main living areas are unpacked. ;)

I’m really excited to start this process, and have a quick share of some pretties I picked up at Tai Pan yesterday, especially since I love a good picture with a post. These will all go in my kitchen…now to put things together!


Off to try unpacking some more!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Party! – A Scrapbook Layout

In just a few short days my baby girl will be a teenager…yikes! Nothing like scrapping party pics from two years ago to make me feel like she’s growing up too fast! ;)

Just a note – I took these late at night so the photo quality isn’t too great and I cropped in further to hide some of that, but you get the idea. :) Also yes, we’re still in the process of moving and most of my stuff is packed, but I can always make some time for scrapping with a few things I kept out. ;)

Party 1


The story: For Gwynie’s 11th birthday we rented a spot at the local outdoor pool and invited several of her friends for a day of swimming, sun and food!

The layout: The page was inspired by the Scrapfit Sketch #69 (below). I wanted bright and happy colors to convey the environment and overall feel of the party. Plus it matched her cake. ;) The papers and stickers are all from an SU! kit I got years ago called Sunny Day.

Tip to note: I “sloppy” stamped the scallop shapes in white ink. I say sloppy because I wanted a look that wasn’t uniform, but all messy and fun. So I overlapped and didn’t fully press down all the way when I stamped. I kinda like it.



Party 2

Party (page two)

The story: The girls were always in the water! Which, I guess is the point of a pool party, ha. ;)They were good about posing for me to get a group shot.

The layout: For the second layout of the same event I wanted to convey the pool and water feel in those photos. This layout uses an item I don't normally use, and was inspired by the Scrapfit Warm-up #28, Stickers! Ack stickers! I think I ended up giving my kids the majority of my antique (read reallllly old) sticker stash years ago. However, I still like the stickers I got with the Stampin’ Up! kit I mentioned about. They’re thicker than normal stickers and coordinate well with the kit. For the doily in the background, I placed a doily on the cardstock and then misted directly over it. I pulled it off and then let the cardstock dry. I love what misting can do for your page!

Tip to note: To dress up my stickers a bit I used staples to give some definition and texture. Another thing you could do is add other embellishments like ribbon, brads, beads, etc. to get a new look.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

We’re back!

We had an amazing vacation filled with laughs and good times, and unforgettable experiences. It was incredible and almost unreal the places we saw and the unique opportunities we had each day on our cruise in the ports! I can’t wait to share the pictures and stories! I would definitely like to do that sooner rather than later so I can refer back to those posts when I finally get around to scrapbooking those photos. ;)

However, it will be awhile I think before that can happen, ha! This is my life at this very minute in time.


Unpacking and washing four peoples vacation laundry for two weeks, along with packing and preparing to move!

See, we knew we were going to be moving almost as soon as after we got back from our trip, and although we won’t be doing major moving of furniture for a couple more weeks, I still want to get a head start on this whole packing thing.

The moving will hopefully be as painless as possible with the help of great friends and bribes of pizza and beer for their services. :)

After that, I get to do the exciting part ---- redecorating! (!!!) Way excited for that aspect and have already started getting together some ideas on what I’d like to do in each room. I’ll be sharing some of those ideas and plans as I go along and will definitely be repurposing some of our things and doing a little DIY here and there.

So, it may be awhile for me to post any fun or crafty endeavors until we are settled in the new place and I can unpack all my paper goodies, but I’ll work on some vacation posts in the meantime!