Friday, December 4, 2015

Simple Scrapbooking Series:Christmas – Day Ten

If you’ve been following along you have seen several new layouts in my Simple Scrapbooking Series: Christmas.

You can get the background here on the reasons why I started the Simple Scrapbooking Series: Christmas for myself in this post and catch up on the previous layouts shared on the Simple Scrapbooking Series: Christmas tag.

Today is the last day of my Simple Scrapbook Series: Christmas posts! I learned a lot about myself as a scrapbooker and felt like I challenged myself in new ways to get out of my own head focus on the photos more than agonizing over the final layout.

Since today is the final day I have a slight deviation from Christmas but think these Wintery pages tie in with the series and my overall goals, and can easily be translated to holiday photos. I also decided to share a bonus layout!

In fact, the first layout was inspired by a Christmas page that I turned into a wintery page.

 SnowStar Brady Snowboarding - (YEAR)

Taking a queue from this page, I started off by cutting my 12x12 papers into strips and loosely weaved them into a star shape. Super simple to do with straight lines! I trimmed off the excess after adhering them to the white background and then added in sequins and snowflakes. Remember yesterday how I talked about a visual triangle (and how I didn’t have one on my last page)? The embellishments frame the photo and create natural resting points for your eyes. The lines of the star also create triangles and lead towards the photo and embellishments.



This bonus page resulted from having more photos but I reallllly loved the star so had to do a two page layout. Kind of broke one of my one rules about just doing one page layouts to get through them quicker, but since they were both so super fast I didn’t mind bending that rule. ;)

Using the same products already out, I cut the paper into banners, layered square cut photos on top, and then added in the title and embellishments. It’s an easy continuation to build upon the first page without reinventing the general concept.

So now that I’ve wrapped up the series and have posted all of these layouts it’s left me pretty inspired to get back into scrapbooking my family memories and keeping it simple.

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