Thursday, December 3, 2015

Simple Scrapbooking Series: Christmas – Day Nine

If you’ve been following along you have seen several new layouts in my Simple Scrapbooking Series: Christmas.

You can get the background here on the reasons why I started the Simple Scrapbooking Series: Christmas for myself in this post and catch up on the previous layouts shared on the Simple Scrapbooking Series: Christmas tag.

Last week I talked about making a “meh” layout. Once I just didn’t love. Today feels somewhat the same way. Now, there’s nothing really wrong with this page and I do like it, it just feels like I could have done a little more. It doesn’t really have that visual triangle across the page or draw you in. But, one of my rules was making quick and simple pages and this fits the bill.

I may not love it with all my heart, or even a small chunk of my heart, but that doesn’t make it a bad page. I’m glad my kiddos get to see it in their books and end of the day that’s why I do this hobby. I love seeing their faces light up remembering our fun family times. Sure, I could easily put them in an album without all the “scrapbooking” but that’s the creating fun part for me, so we all win. :)

ChristmasOrnaments Christmas Ornaments 2008 - Gwynie

I think I’ve always loved playing with embellishments and you can see a theme in my pages with those little clusters. Ha. If I had spaced a few more out and created groupings in two other spaces, creating the visual triangle where you eye rests and moves to the next area of focus, it would have balanced the page out better. Sometimes you break the rules and learn why they’re good guidelines. ;)

Tomorrow is my last layout of my Simple Scrapbook Series: Christmas posts. Have you been inspired to start scrapbooking Christmas or older photos you’ve been hanging onto?

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