Saturday, November 21, 2015

Thankful & Family: Scrapbook Layouts

I always correlate my busy life with the frequency of my blogging. Meaning the busier I am, the less I blog.

For example, my last post was in July sharing scrapbook pages so clearly, we’ve been busy since July! HA!

After our cruise at the end of May we had about a month of downtime. I was a scrapbooking fool and made close to 60 layouts from June-July.  I even photographed the layouts to share, but then we got busy…

Gwynie’s 16th birthday was in June, in July we got a second dog, football started and then that month seemed to overnight morph into August with back to school and the craziness that entails - clothes to buy, forms to sign, book reports, projects and deadlines. 

Summer Collage Jake and I also celebrated our 14 year anniversary in August and we went to San Francisco! Photos coming in a separate post. It’s November and I’m finally going through them…ugh.

September and October felt like rinse and repeat. Same things every day, catch up over the weekend and then back to the grind. I also lost my crafty mojo during that time and have had a hard time getting back into the groove.

So, where does that leave me now? I’m currently at Brady’s football tournament in Mesquite, NV and have some time to go through all those scrapbook pages I made earlier this year and all the photos I’ve taken the past few months. ;)

Since Thanksgiving is next week, I thought it appropriate to share two Thanksgiving pages today. Our lives are crazy busy, but I’m THANKFUL I have this little posse to share it with.

This is the same photo (from 2009) in each page, but I did the pages differently – one for Gwynie’s book and one for Brady’s book.

Family GwynieFamily Gwynie 1 Since I’m not home I can’t double check this but I believe this was all from a Crate Paper line.

 Thankful BradyThankful Brady 1  This was a fun layout to put together with bits and pieces from all over my craft room.

What I love most about making Fall/Thanksgiving pages are the colors used. Lots of rich and earthy colors like browns, rusts, deep reds and mustardy colors. As much as I love Summer, Fall has quite a place in my heart with the gorgeous spectrum of colors. Mother Nature certainly puts on a spectacular show this time of year.

I have TONS of Christmas pages to share and hope with the next couple days I have between football games I can work on some upcoming blog posts!

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