Monday, November 30, 2015

Simple Scrapbooking Series: Christmas - Day Six

If you’ve been following along you have seen several new layouts in my Simple Scrapbooking Series: Christmas.

You can get the background here on the reasons why I started the Simple Scrapbooking Series: Christmas for myself in this post and catch up on the previous layouts shared on the Simple Scrapbooking Series: Christmas tag.

Today is a bonus layout day! I took the same photos and same layout design to create two pages – one for Gwynie’s book and one for Brady’s book. I often do this and it started out when I wanted them to have their own scrapbook albums (they have one for every year since they were born) but I had to find a way to keep my sanity creating “double” pages.

Sometimes I do them totally different (like these Thanksgiving pages) if I don’t have duplicate supplies, but most of the time I just swap out colors or different embellishments to create a consistent look. Sometimes I do the EXACT same page/colors/etc. and only swap certain individual photos of them. Whether I’m swapping things or keeping them exact, I do the pages at the same time. This way the second page is always done in a matter of minutes since I’ve already cut the photos and papers and am kind of doing a copy/paste of the first layout.

ChristmasSweetsG Christmas Cookies - Gwynie

ChristmasSweetsB  Christmas Cookies - Brady

I mentioned in another post in the series that I love pulling out random bits and pieces that may not necessarily be part of the same collection as your papers, and working them together. This is another example of  that with more Valentine’s chipboard pieces (arrow and heart circles) and I can’t even tell you how old those white poinsettia looking flowers are. At least as old as these photos! ;) I kept saving them “for something special” and one of my rules in the series was to use those things I said I was saving for later…it’s clearly later.

Now, you could totally do this “duplicate” layout idea if you’re mass producing a big album or are trying to get quickly caught up like I was. In fact, the layouts I’ll share tomorrow and the day after are completely based off that idea. If you like a layout design, copy it! Copy yourself over and over! You’re  probably the only one that would notice or know. I often look back through the kids’ albums to get ideas or inspire myself!

Do you make extra pages for your family or are they all in one big family book?

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