Friday, November 27, 2015

Simple Scrapbooking Series: Christmas - Day Five

If you’ve been following along you have seen several new layouts in my Simple Scrapbooking Series: Christmas.

You can get the background here on the reasons why I started the Simple Scrapbooking Series: Christmas for myself in this post and catch up on the previous layouts shared on the Simple Scrapbooking Series: Christmas tag.

Today I’m sharing a layout that I was just “meh” about. I think most crafters can relate. You have this idea or vision in your head and once executed on paper it’s just not quite what you were picturing.

Joy Joy - Cousins on Christmas Morning

That was the case with this page. It stuck to my three rules:

  • Keep it simple, nothing that would take longer than 30 minutes per page.
  • Narrow photo selection to make one page layouts.
  • Don’t dwell on product selection, pair colors or themes and cut into the papers you were “saving for later”…it’s later.

    But it didn’t make my heart pitter patter once I was done. This is where I have to tell myself that not every page has to be a masterpiece and that was the point of this series for myself. It’s better to have photos on a page (even a page I don’t love), than to be pictures just sitting in a photo box.  My kids will love seeing it in their album even if I inwardly cringe at it’s plainness.

    So yeah. Sometimes you don’t like what you make. And that’s ok. Because the next thing you make may just be one of your very favorite things you do make. Sure, I could go back and change it up, but I won’t.

    Do you make layouts you don’t love? I’m taking a break over the weekend, but I’ll be back on Monday for another full week of layouts to wrap up the series!

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