Sunday, November 22, 2015

Simple Scrapbooking Series: Christmas

I used to have an unfounded fear of scrapbooking Christmas photos. It went something like this:

“It’s my favorite holiday, I have to do these photos justice with the most amazing layouts!”

“I have so many pictures, do I have to put all of them on my pages? How do I know which ones to even print and then add to my page?”

“I have so much Christmas product where do I even start and how do I choose? Don’t forget dearie, whatever you choose has to be as beautiful as the holiday!”

If you’ve ever felt like me during these moments, there isn’t a magic solution but I found a way to overcome this crippling (and now silly) fear that might help you. Maybe for you it’s scrapbooking birthdays, family pictures, or school/sports pictures. Maybe it’s everything!

Earlier this summer I sat down with four years worth of random Christmas photos that I hadn’t scrapbooked. Yes FOUR years of Christmas photos (and I still have to print the past three years!) from 2008-2012. I had a plan to tackle these photos, get them in albums and not scrapbook anything else until all my Christmas photos were on pages and out of my photo box. I did it, and you can, too.

I created 10 layouts that embodied my process to really keep things simple. I  took my fears above, and turned them into problems to solve.

  • “I have to do my photos justice!” No, not really, I just had to GET OVER MYSELF and let it go. My family loves looking at pictures IN THEIR ALBUMS! Not in a photo box. So what if the layouts weren’t perfect or if they were overly simple? Didn’t matter, they were done and in an album. My perfectionist side needed to chill.
  • “I have so many pictures, what do I do?!” Having awesome photos is like the corner stone of scrapbooking. But when you have a lot of photos and are getting overwhelmed? You need to either cut down your photos used, or create a layout that uses lots of photos. I limited myself to one page layouts with no more than four photos on a page. Yes, it was a challenge, but it was also simple and got the job done. I also looked at my photos pretty critically. Did I smile when I looked at the picture recalling the day and sparking those memories? If the answer was no, then it was pretty easy to put that photo aside.
  • “I have so much product, what do I choose?” Yep, I really did and still do. I have two clear plastic 12x12 containers full of Christmas/Winter product - because I love the holiday and the products. But, I didn’t need to use it all at once and I needed to tell myself to use things I’d been saving for far too long.  Since I had already narrowed down the photos I was using, I started pulling out papers and embellishments that worked with or complemented my photos. An old trick but it helped narrow my choices without agonizing over my decisions.

Once I broke it down for myself it was really easy to get on a roll. I started with Christmas photos and found I was using the same steps for other pictures and pages.

I hope if you’re reading this, and you can somewhat relate, that you’ll join me as I share lots of layouts over the next two weeks and walk through the steps in creating those pages!


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