Thursday, July 9, 2015

Summer Pool: Scrapbook Layouts

It’s usually only a matter of minutes upon arriving at my parents house in Florida that Brady will change into his swim trunks and jump in their pool.

I wonder why the kid doesn’t just wear his swimsuit on the plane and save some time changing.

Gwynie enjoys the pool, but mainly the hot tub. You can typically find Brady in the pool at least three different times throughout the day. I think one day he’ll grow fins with as much as he loves being in the water.

It’s no surprise then that I have loads of photos of the kiddos playing in the pool at Grandma’s house. Loads of photos to be scrapbooked.

Brady Pool

The background patterned paper base set the stage for these photos and made the layout come together quickly. I have been on a “less is more” on the overall pages but “the more photos the better” kick as I’ve been working on getting pages completed a little bit faster. 

Brady Pool 1 Pretty much everything on these pages were from the same Bo Bunny line. I added the mini candy dots (Stampin’ Up!) and the orange chipboard sunshine (American Crafts) but also loved using the sticker strips from the collection to add some texture to the page.

Gwynie Pool

Since each kid has their own book my trick has always been to mirror their pages and accomplish two somewhat identical pages in one sitting while I have everything out on  my desk.

Gwynie Pool 1 I’ll usually change colors out or swap embellishments, but the overall look and feel of the page remains the same for each.

Since April to today, I have now completed  63 pages! Crushed my goal to do 52 this year (a page a week), but if I’m being totally honest and forthcoming, I will admit to still having pictures as old as 2008 that need to find a home on a page other than being in a photo box. My record is just over 80 pages in one year in 2010 so hoping to also beat this number and find some joy in being able to look at completed pages with the kids.