Monday, July 6, 2015

Summer Party:Scrapbook Layouts

The past few months have been so busy, but I’ve somehow found some pockets of time to retreat to my craft “studio” and create some scrapbook pages. Sure, laundry, mopping and other household chores have received the cold shoulder while I’ve been creating, but my family hasn’t seemed to mind…too much. Gwynie showed Brady how to start a load of laundry the other day so I’m not so positive this hasn’t been a good thing….ish.

Although I’m constantly in the “behind” state of scrapbooking (much like chores), I remind myself that the joy is in creating, and watching my kids enjoy perusing their scrapbooks, and I take heart that one day all my hard work and labor of love will be appreciated, and it kind of already is. Unlike chores…so why bother? ;)  (JK – I like a clean and organized house and I appreciate it).

Thought I’d share a couple pages made in the last few months.

Brady August 2008 Party Brady Party2  

This was a couple years ago celebrating Jake’s grandpa’s birthday. Although we lost his grandpa shortly after this, it was so special to have this day and be able to take these photos.

Brady Party3 Brady Party4 

I used several pieces from a Crate Paper line (Brooklyn I think?) and even some super old rub-ons. I know, rub-ons equal Old.School. But, I’ve challenged myself to use what I have and try to pare down my towering collection of supplies. Because when you print $40 worth of pictures at one time, even using a coupon, you realize you have to make priorities. And that includes your craft supplies. Really.

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