Monday, August 11, 2014

The Great Salt Lake

I drive by the Great Salt Lake every day to and from work, or pretty much anytime I leave my house and head into Salt Lake. The GSL is the remnant of Lake Bonneville, and although we’ve driven past this lake almost every day for the past couple years, I’ve never ventured out to the actual lake.

My friend had asked me to take her engagement photos at this cute little spot on the lake, and even though I’m no where near a professional photographer, I think we got some really great shots out at the GSL! I’m waiting to post anything until she chooses her favorites for their announcements, but I did snap a few scenery photos while we out there last week.


The GSL is super salty like the Dead Sea so while no fish live in the lake, it’s host to brine shrimp…and brine flies. It can be a tad smelly due to the shrimpies, but overall it wasn’t too horrible. I just kept telling myself I was at the beach and it made it all better. :)

DSC_0594 It had been rainy off and on all week, and we actually had to reschedule the first time we set out to do pictures. I was so glad last Wednesday proved to be a good day without rain so we could get their photos done! It was cloudy so we missed the brilliant sunsets I’ve come to expect from the GSL, but I loved seeing the sun peak through the clouds and create a magnificent view.

DSC_0596  It turns out they also do a club night for the boaters at the marina so we saw several boats out on the water while we were there. I was really nervous about taking pictures for my friend, but the setting and their casual, easy going attitudes made it so enjoyable that I didn’t have to worry about a thing.

I showed Jake their photos and  mentioned I want to take the kids out to this sweet little spot to take some pictures. I think we’ll try doing that next weekend if we can squeeze in the time between school clothes shopping and getting them ready for their first day of school next Tuesday! Summer has flown by way too fast but I’m hoping to bottle a little bit of the summer magic with some “beachy” photos before it’s all gone.

Hope you’re enjoying your last bit of summer days, too!

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