Thursday, January 23, 2014

Team Offsite and 3 Things

On Tuesday the HR/Facilities team got to enjoy an offsite at Snowbird Resort! We had a 2014 planning and strategy session, followed by a delicious lunch and to finish off the day we went snowshoeing!

Meetings can sometimes start off with an ice-breaker/get to know you activity. Since our group knows each other fairly well we had an interesting question posed to us that we would answer and share with the group:

If your house was on fire and you could go back and get three things, knowing that all your family and pets are already outside and safe, what three things would you go back and get?

It’s an interesting question to think about – knock on wood!! Several people in the group said their phones or laptops, but I thought that if that happened my IT guy would just replace them for me ;) so I didn’t worry about that kind of technology. Here are my three things I would run back into a burning house for. (Note, none of these are my actual items, just a visual for reference!)

1. My scrapbooks! I said a blanket statement of ALL my scrapbooks but that’s like 15-20 books so whatever I could get my hands on, or load on a dolly, ha! ;)


2. My Silhouette Cameo! It’s brand new and from my mom and dad so I think I’d have to grab it!

 silhouette-cameo_02-xl3. My kids’ baby blankets! My kids are big blankie kids and I’m sure they would have their current “kie-kies” clutched in their hands, but I’d have to grab their original blankies. When Brady was a little tyke he wouldn’t say blankie but would say “kie-kie” (you know like the end of blan-kie) and so now we all say that in our house. :)


Here are a few pics from our day and snowshoeing adventure! I had such a blast! It was my first time snowshoeing (along with several others in the group), and although it got a little difficult near the end we powered through and really enjoyed it. Being out in nature was amazing! I told Jake and the kids that I can’t wait to go back with them, I think we would have so much fun.


Lunch - I ordered the tomato soup and Pesto Cheese Panini! It was so delicious!


  photo 1 photo 2 photophoto 3

It was a gorgeous day and was perfect for soaking up some Vitamin D! I really am so thankful to have such a great job and to work for such a wonderful company. My co-workers are pretty freaking amazing too. ;)

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