Friday, May 24, 2013

Goodbye Google Reader

As many bloggers know Google Reader is officially going away July 1st.

I have been very reluctant to find another feed source and have procrastinated finding something until today. I did a quick search, and luckily there are some that haven’t procrastinated like I have.

Life Hacker did a post on the most popular alternative to Google Reader, and I have to say I’m impressed with the popular vote!

Meet Feedly.


Right now, as cited in the article, Feedly is using Google Reader’s services to synch, but eventually (and before the end date) it will have it’s own synching engine and hopefully we won’t even notice the demise of GR.

Here’s what I love about it already:

  • It imported my subscriptions from GR seamlessly
  • Organization is so easy!
    • I was able to remove some older blogs from my list when GR always seemed to lock up whenever I had to remove something
    • Adding a link/blog is just as basic and simple as GR
    • You can organize your categories of your blogs by dragging and dropping…so in love with this feature!
  • The sidebar has a “Today” button where you can view everything that is new in a dashboard set up
  • You’ll still have the same ability to scroll through each new feed and the viewing/preview is so much cleaner
  • Mark articles to save for later
  • I haven’t used this yet, but you can connect several social media sites and republish anything with your comments or text.
  • There’s an app! Pretty much all types from Kindle, Android and iOS models are covered.

There are probably way more things I am going to love about this, but for now I’m just excited I found something that was user friendly! There are definitely plenty of options out there, so if you haven’t found one yet search around. I’m sure you’ll find something you like before July!

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