Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Spring Break!


After a busy week of getting ready for vacation, and then the vacation itself, we’re all still trying to get back in the groove of things!

Hopefully getting back to blogging is one of those things I get back in check. ;) I haven’t gone through all the pictures on my camera yet, but thought I would pop in to share some pics from my iPhone that I snapped while on our vacation.

The kids had spring break last week so we took the time to do a family trip to Disneyland. We also stopped for a day in Vegas and spent some time in California going to Medieval Times, Knott’s Berry and even did a beach day. It was an awesome trip and we have so many great memories from the time we spent together!


The view from our room at New York, New York. We were on the 44th floor in the Empire Tower.


We walked around the different hotels and along the strip, but our favorite stop was at the Rainforest Café at MGM. Awesome tanks!


This big guy stayed in the same place by Jake forever when we went back the next morning for breakfast!


We got up the next morning and did a little wandering in Vegas before heading to California.


Our first day in Cali was spent at Newport Beach. The kids always love being at the beach and have grown spoiled by Florida beaches! They realized why I always said the Atlantic was better than the Pacific, that water is freezing! ;)


We got cleaned up that night and went to Medieval Times. I can’t wait to go through my pics of that night and all the horses and events they did in the show!


On the first day at Disney my phone died before we even got into the park! I ended up having to replace my phone the next morning but ended up with the new iPhone 5 so I guess that was the plus side! :) We snapped this while waiting in line for the Haunted Mansion.


Our last night at Disney the kids got their mouse ears! They went for the unconventional and Brady got Perry the Platypus from Phineas and Ferb, and Gwynie got the Cheshire Cat from Alice. We had their names added to the back and I hope they always keep these and remember this trip! They also ended up with a few other souvenirs that I think they’ll have for a very long time too. BTW - Brady’s face cracks me up, he kept looking away so I told him to FOCUS on me, and that’s what I got, ahahaha! He was kind of tired too I think. ;)

Luckily the weekend is almost here so we can catch up on rest and we can get back in a routine! :)

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