Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Winter Decor

Winter has finally come to Utah! I’d rather do without the temps in the single digits, and even more so the negative temps, but I love how the snow blankets everything and looks so pretty.

I took our tree and Christmas decorations down at the end of December and set up my console table with some wintery décor so I can enjoy the look without the cold! :)




I kept a fairly neutral color palate with silver and white, and just a touch of green and garland brown from the pinecones. The best part is that the majority of these things came from after clearance Christmas sales!



In one corner of the table I have my tall trees and a little votive filled with white glitter ornaments that were turned upside down so you just see the tops.



This giant snowflake was supposed to be an ornament, but I used it as a little tray to hold pinecones and a fun disco like orb.


I used one of my favorite apothecary jars to add Epsom salt in the bottom to mimic snow, and then some mini pine trees. It’s like a mini forest! :)


The vase with the fun sprigs is a mix of pieces and some garland to keep everything together.


I am really loving the calming whites and like the minimal look after such a decked out and colorful Christmas!



I did a quick and easy floral piece for the dining room table. I brought back my everyday aqua table runner and the same black tray I rotate décor our with.


I used pinecones, the jingle bells that had been in the front room, and some silver eucalyptus pieces. Jake came home and asked what smelled because he thought it smelled like a craft store. He said it smelled like JoAnn’s and I realized it was from the eucalyptus. :)


A few doilies were placed in the bottom of the tray, and I added some little votives that were also picked up after Christmas.


I can’t believe we’re already halfway through January! I like decorating for winter, but am really looking forward to the heat! :)


Debbie Turpin said...

Plain and simple, you are amazing!!!!

Debbie Turpin said...

Plain and simple, you are amazing!!!!

Della said...

I love this! You are so clever and crafty!