Monday, January 21, 2013

Brady is 10!!

My BABY is 10!!

Brady is in the double digits and growing up so very fast. His party is this weekend but we did a little cake and presents for him tonight to celebrate. I was not feeling well all day so we didn’t take him out to dinner (we let them pick what they want as a tradition) but we’ll save that for later this week. :)

He’s such a great kid, full of energy and determination. He works hard at school and in sports and is very caring of others.

Brady, you make us so happy and our family was complete when you were born!

Here’s a glimpse at the awesome little man you are growing into! :)

Picture 495Picture 497Picture 512Picture 482Picture 524Picture 529

Gwynie was (and still is) such an amazing big sister. She was thrilled to have this little baby in the house!

January 2003

Brady Milk


You always have a smile on your face and are such a happy and mellow guy. You don’t get mad easily, I love that you are so balanced and carefree and easy going!

December 2003

Brady Grumpy 2

Although you can be happy go lucky, you are still such a serious little guy. You think hard and love to learn.

April 2004



Being outdoors, playing sports or anything boy-ish you absolutely love!

May and June 2005

Picture 708

You  have the best smile ever and the cutest dimple on your right cheek.

July 2006


Your spunky personality really shows through here. I love how animated you can be when you’re excited about something!

January 2007


Trains, trucks, monster cars, hot wheels….anything with wheels you love! You were obsessed with Thomas the Tank Engine, and then Nascar and then Monster Jam. But it always all about the cars and the cool tricks you could do with them.

June 2008


100_0570 - Copy

You started school this year (2008) and I cried. You are already getting so big and I couldn’t believe how fast you were growing up.

October 2008 


And this was the year you started wrestling…my how time flies. You were just shy of 45 pounds when you started in Kindergarten. Now you’re just over 65 pounds in 4th grade. One day you will grow…there’s proof that you’ve been growing all along. :)


March 2009


This was probably one of your proudest moments - catching a shark in the Gulf of Mexico on Poppa’s boat!

August 2010

I love that you two have a shared love and passion for wrestling. It’s in your blood. ;) Watching you two compete together at the Summer Games is always so much fun!

June 2011


Now, you’re in 4th grade and 10…wow. Time has flown by but we sure have loved every minute of it. I am so proud of the man you are becoming and I look forward to the memories we will create over the next 10 years! :)

August 2012

And finally, a few birthday shots from this evening.


Happy birthday Brady, we sure do love you!

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Della said...

Happy Birthday Brady! Great post! It's so amazing how fast 10 years really does fly by!