Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Christmas Tree

The last two weeks have been super crazy so wrangling everyone together to do the tree was quite the event! :) We finally managed to decorate the tree on Sunday and I’m so glad it’s all up! I feel like I’m ahead of the Christmas game this year and hoping to keep it up!

Our tree is a random mix of ornaments and here’s why – the kids get a new ornament every year just like I received as a kid and is one of those traditions I like to keep going with my own kids. Gwynie told me that she wouldn’t mind if I did a “themed” tree one year like I’ve always dreamed of. Maybe one year. ;)




I ended up getting the kids two ornaments this year and actually let them help pick them out. Gwynie couldn’t decide between the penguin and the cute Santa so we did two and made everyone happy. :) (Someone looks a little sleepy from a sleep over, haha)




Brady just wanted some blue ornaments, and the blue disco ball is pretty cool! Such a blue loving boy!


Can you see Ryker sniffing the ornament as Brady is putting it on? Hehe.


This boy is DEFINITELY on Santa’s NAUGHTY list! We’re thinking it’s either a case of the terrible 2’s or it’s related to the season and winter. No snow for this husky to run through is making him a little antsy I imagine. In the last week he’s opened three presents (two boxed so it’s ok but one lego set ripped open!), knocked a carton of eggs on the floor, and shredded my faux planter that sits in my entry way and a decorative basket. But, one look into those eyes and a nudge from his nose or a paw on my lap begging for loves and I’m smitten and done for. I should ask Santa for some patience this year to get through this trying puppy time… ;)


Our tree is all decorated with it’s myriad of ornaments! So excited for this time of year!

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Della said...

I don't know how they manage to get cuter every year, but they DO! They did a great job decorating the tree!