Monday, December 3, 2012

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

I’m so excited to share my Christmas decorations! I’ll post the Christmas tree decorating the kids did tomorrow, but for now here’s a look around my house!


Like each month for the holiday/season I’ve been putting my console table to good use!


(Fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving)


I had to slide it down a bit along the wall to make room for my tree, but luckily there’s enough room for the table and tree to fit!


On the left side of the table I have a trio of glittery trees (Real Deals in Tooele), a glittery present (Hobby Lobby) and some pictures of the kiddos from several (either 8 or 9!) Christmases ago framed and set on an iron/metal picture holder.


On the right side another picture holder with a wooden sign (Real Deals), a glittery Santa (Target, dollar spot) and a hurricane filled with ornaments (ornaments from Target, hurricane from Home Goods I got earlier this summer). The little book was a gift from my sister Laci a few years ago.


The next area I decorated was my entertainment center. I decorated the top like a mantle and I love the results!


The greenery was from Hobby Lobby and I used to strands to cover the mantle, and in the center is the metal and glittered Believe sign that I picked up at Real Deals for $10 on Black Friday.


The left side is my red and green side. :) I got some mini poinsettias on Black Friday for 88 cents, and added in some red orbs (Target) to my apothecary jar (Michaels this summer with coupon and gift card!). The red glitter present box (Target) rounds out the reds.


I also have mine and Jake’s stockings hanging on this side for the colors.


Here’s a closer look at the fun and red glitteryness! Ok glitteryness isn’t reaaallllyy a word but I’m going with it. ;)


The other side is Gwynie and Brady’s stocking along with some wintery blue and silver colors.


More little glitter present boxes (Target) and a vase filled with Epsom salt  to be snow like and filled with silver jingle bells and white ornaments. I bought those jingle bells at the dollar store a few years ago and never used them until now. Sometimes it pays to hoard décor stuff like that. ;)


You can see a snowy wreath in the background (Joann’s) that I also got a few weeks ago and had up before I did my Christmas decorating. I was actually planning on leaving it up year round with the white wreath holder and the aqua lantern in the background that you can kind of see in the background (more in the stocking picture). I liked how it tied in pretty nicely with everything here!


And like in past months (Fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving – scroll down in each to see table) I dressed up my dining room table! That tray was only a couple dollars at Michaels that I spray painted and have used each month. It works perfectly to put all my cute stuff in!


So I have to say….I seriously love how this came together! I used more of those jingle bells, pinecones I had on hand, more of the red orbs from the pack you saw in the apothecary jar, and some ornaments from a mini tree kit. I also had the candy cane striped candles on hand from awhile go that I never used also. It’s fun to be able to finally put some of these things to use!


And just another look since I love it so much!

So, have you finished all of your holiday decorating?! What about Christmas shopping? I finished my shopping for the kids, including stocking stuffers, over the weekend and it feels so good to have that all done! I need to still wrap some things, but since my naughty puppy has already torn into a couple presents, we’ll be shoving them really far under the tree, ha! I still need to get stuff for family members and my nieces (Hey Mom, what can I get you guys?!) but I still have time, yay! :)

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!


Carrie @ My Favorite Finds said...

Love all the bright colors! And great alternative to a mantel :)

Elizabeth (Blue Clear Sky) said...

Very pretty! The ornaments and pinecones look great.