Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas Eve

We had an absolutely amazing Christmas this year and I feel so fortunate to have the family that we’ve been blessed with. We spoiled the kids this year, but seeing their faces, and not hearing a peep from them almost all week while they’ve been holed up in their rooms playing with their new stuff, has been quite the enjoyment. ;)

Every year we have our traditions, like the new ornaments they get each year, and we continued those other traditions on Christmas Eve.

In the afternoon we made cookies for Santa, and this year we used a kit I found for “Ninjabread” cookies. Down side, the cookies and icing tasted gross from the premade box stuff, but the cookie cutters are reusable so I see us making more ninja cookies in the future.

DSC_0609 (2)DSC_0611 (2)DSC_0615 (2)DSC_0616 (2)DSC_0625 (2)

DSC_0627 (2)


Another tradition we do is the yearly jammies, but before that we had the kids open their other guaranteed Christmas Eve gifts; a movie and a game. It varies whether it’s a Christmas movie, something they’ve enjoyed recently or a new release, and the game also varies with either a board game or a game for the Xbox/Wii. We love spending that time together playing a game and watching a movie, and it also helps pass the time and gets things off their mind while they anxiously await Christmas morning. :)


DSC_0628 (2)

This year I got the kids The Neverending Story (Parts I & II), and for the game we got Headbandz! I was shocked that my kids hadn’t seen those movies yet so was really glad I got them this year! We’ve only watch the first so far, but they loved it and I loved giving them part of my childhood!


DSC_0630 (2)DSC_0632 (2)

DSC_0634 (2)

Brady is pulling the funniest face, but in the other two I took Jake was looking so serious so this one is the best, ha!

DSC_0640 (2)

I love these two kiddos!

DSC_0641 (2)

Ok so this was a funny one! I was having THE HARDEST time figuring out my clue and what my card was! You can only ask yes or no questions or say, “Am I a __________?” and for the life of me I couldn’t figure out I was a jump rope. I finally got it and was so relieved, haha!

DSC_0646 (2)

We even got Ryker to play for .25 seconds. ;) Just kidding, he was good but wouldn’t look at me so Jake held his head so I could snap this really quick. His card is very fitting and appropriate though!

DSC_0650 (2)

Gwynie: Ohhhh did they make you stand still and take a picture without you wanting to? That happens to me alllll the time.

Ok so Gwynie didn’t really say that but I’m sure she thinks it. She is reluctant lately for pics and gives me grief every time I want to take just one more. ;)

So after the game we let the kids open their jammies and then we went to look at some Christmas lights. Once we got home we watched our movie, set out cookies and milk for Santa and then it was off to bed for the kiddos.

DSC_0652 (2)

DSC_0656 (2)

OMGYAY footie pajamas! ;) Gwynie was so excited for these!

DSC_0657 (2)

Brady liked his pj’s (skulls of course), but he also loved these water tumblers that had removable snow globes in the bottom!

DSC_0659 (2)

DSC_0661 (2)

Oh so cute, Brady gives Gwynie a spontaneous hug!

DSC_0662 (2)

And….Gwynie wasn’t too happy about that so put Brady in a head lock. Siblings…. ;) And there’s Ryker at the bottom of the photo checking on his kids wondering if they are hurt/in trouble, etc. He hates when anyone is being picked on. ;)

DSC_0663 (2)

And some pictures just for Grandma’s viewing pleasure. :)

DSC_0664 (2)DSC_0666 (2)DSC_0668 (2)DSC_0669 (2)


DSC_0677 (2)

DSC_0678 (2)

Egg nog and cookies for Santa!

DSC_0680 (2)


Christmas Eve was super low key and fun this year, just the way we like it!

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