Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas Day

One year we’ll spend Christmas with my family in Florida, but until that time our Christmas routine involves presents at home, then to my in-laws for brunch followed by presents at their house and then just coming home to hang out.



Santa did not miss our house! He brought Gwynie a laptop and Brady a tablet, and the other presents with bows are from us, I just didn’t want to wrap them. ;)


Also tons of fun stuff in their stockings! The were filled to the brim so Santa had to leave some on the couch.


Brady was way excited for his tablet! We got him a case and Jake also found a helicopter thing that is run from the tablet. I’ll have to record him playing with it, it’s pretty awesome!



Gwynie got her laptop, yay! She’s been using mine more and more often for school stuff and when we found a good deal on the Dell site last month Jake ordered it. She still plays her Sims games on the family PC, but I think she’ll start using her laptop for that soon.


Ryker was a little overwhelmed with it all! He eventually came and laid by (or actually on) my feet like he normally does at night.


Brady was so excited to get COD 2 from Grandma Dell and Poppa Dave!!




I missed Gwynie opening the presents from gram and gramps, but she loved them! She also loved this present from us that is an illuminated mouse for her Sims games.


Ok so this was funny because the kids had opened about half their presents but Gwynie had to climb under the tree to get the rest!


Here’s a mountain of presents to open!


What a morning! ;)


And Gwynie’s other favorite present, Sims Supernatural!


We were at my in-laws for about 4 or 5 hours, Jake made omelets and we had fun watching the kids open more presents. We got them all to pose with grandma and grandpa and their dogs even snuck into the pic. ;)

I realized I didn’t take near as many Christmas morning pictures as I normally do, but the ones I did get will be fun to scrapbook and look back on to remember this year!

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Della Merritt said...

Great pics! I'm looking forward to the year you spend Christmas here in Florida!