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We’re #1, we’re #1, we’re #1!!


Brady’s team won, and they are STATE CHAMPIONS!! Woot, woot!!


This was an awesome game and I was so proud of my boys! Jake has really enjoyed coaching and to quote him he said, “Winning today meant more to me than the two state football championships I won in high school.” Jake’s Dad texted him Monday and asked if it had sunk in, haha. I think we’re all still so happy and excited from this!

So just to recap so I can remember all this when I scrapbook it later on. :) FYI – This will be a loonggg post!



Two of the moms went around and decorated everyone’s front door. I knew it was coming but Brady had no idea and was so excited!

Why yes it is snowing as I snapped these pics Friday afternoon!


DSC_0004 (2)DSC_0005 (2)

The two of Brady were taken after the game Saturday, but I wanted to include all of these together.


I decorated his bedroom door after he went to bed so when he opened his door balloons would fall on him and he’d have to run through the streamers. He did it too fast in the morning for me to grab a pic, but it was priceless watching him!


We dyed Brady’s mohawk black and blue! We did blue during wrestling season but changed it up this time around. It looked really good once it was done!


It also snowed like crazy on Friday… We knew we’d be playing in the snow on Saturday and it would be freezing…yikes. Looking off my back deck.




Gwynie had her bestie Kerah stay the night and they made cookies and cards for Brady. This was the card Gwynie made for Brady and the inside message. Too cute! :)


Shared on Instagram…Brady was pumped before the game!

Ok so the game…it was crazy! Within the first 5 minutes of the game the Kearns coach was kicked out of the game!! Apparently he was swearing on the field and at his team. The refs gave him a warning and then the second time completely kicked him off the field. Go refs! Maybe the one and only time I will say that. ;)

It was also super wet, muddy and snowy! They had the field pretty well cleared, but it was super muddy and during the 4th quarter it started snowing again…what a day!


Look at all that snow! Luckily the field was pretty clear though, just muddy!




Hubba hubba! I couldn’t resist taking and sharing! :)

Ok so the game went like this..We scored and then had the touchdown called back for a penalty on the play. We score again and it counts. We score a touchdown and it gets called back, we score again and it counts. Same as last game against Kearns!! Crazy!

Ummmm ok sooooo, I will be honest the game was blur for me! I took almost 1000 pictures so I was crazily snapping pics all game! My throat was so raw and sore after the game from all the yelling we did and cheering the boys on.

In the end the team did great and won 25-7! They all did so well and we were (and are!) so proud of them! The boys all got little sunglasses after the game and danced to “Gagnnam Style” and were soooo happy with their win!




Our league president just told the boys they got to ride the fire truck through town from their win!


Look at their muddy faces, haha! :)



So the story behind these photos…after I took the photo of the two of them together Jake bent down to tell Brady how proud he was of him. The were both tearing up and even though I couldn’t hear them, I was tearing up too! Can you see Brady’s little smile in the pic above?


My tough little man! Trying hard not to cry after his awesome talk with Dad.


Dirty, muddy face, with snot running down his nose…I still LOVE these pics!



So after the game they got their promised fire truck ride through Stansbury! The parents all followed along and we all honked our horns through town! It was so fun and such a cool experience!



With all the coaches after the ride


I love you two! Thank you for such a wonderful season!

I have been so happy and proud to cheer on the sidelines for you both and have loved capturing every moment on film. I look forward to many years of “foosball” and watching you bond even more! Love, Mom

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Della said...

I would love to see you cheering your boys on!

I did ok until I got to the pics of Jake and Brady, and then I teared up. By end of the post I'm about to bawl! Great photo/documentary on the great Stallions Championship 2012!