Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween Recap

I set up my Thanksgiving/Fall decorations last night…wow! Before I know it I’ll be swapping those out for Christmas décor! In the meantime, here are our Halloween pumpkins and the kids’ costumes!

The pumpkin patch we’ve gone to since the kids were toddlers closed last year. Our favorite place is gone and I was so sad. So…I boycotted and got store bought pumpkins this year. :( Maybe next year I’ll find a patch I love just as much as our old one. ;)



Brady carved the raven all by himself this year! We were super proud, normally we have to finish it for him! Gwynie’s pumpkin had a slight mishap, but I still think her bat was pretty dang cute! She’s always done her pumpkin on her own, such a true first born. ;)


Halloween night the kids went out with their friends. This was the first year Jake and I got to stay home and just pass out candy. It was kind of nice!


Gwynie had her bestie Kerah dressed as 80s girls! They had poufy hair but it had fallen flat by the time they got to our house. Should have used Aqua Net! ;)


They are so cute, love these girls!


Kerah’s mom did their make-up and I guess both girls freaked a little at how bright everything was. Haha! Even with bright blue and pink eye shadow and bright red lips I still think this girls is adorbs. Gwynie was so cute, she went out for a bit and then just hung at home with us.


Brady’s football team met up to trick or treat together! The boys would call the moms and keep us up to date on where they were, or they would call a parent to pick them up and take them to another neighborhood, haha!



This kid trick or treated HARD!!! They went from 5-9 pm and for four hours walked and walked and walked! When he finally came home with all his candy Jake decided to weigh it…. and it was 6.8 POUNDS!! That’s A LOT of candy!!



Sure do love these two! They had a great Halloween and so did we! Until next year!

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