Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Championships baby!


A quick family pic after the winning game!

We’re going to the ‘ships!

We are so excited for Brady’s football team! They won their first playoff game last Saturday and as a result will be playing for a State Championship this coming Saturday!


To get Brady even more pumped and excited for the game we decorated our car Friday night when he was asleep, so it was huge surprise Saturday morning.


I got the family to pose with the car…I think they liked it. ;)






During the game Brady had a great sack (tackling the quarterback while he still has the ball) and lots of tackles. He also played Offense quite a bit and even ran the ball this game! I ended up taking 693 pics this game!! I usually average about 300ish so this was double…oh my!! Here are just a few of my favorites of Brady from the bunch.


Brady is #21, you can see him running towards the QB in this photo


He’s going in for the tackle…


You can see his arms wrapped up around the QB and tackling him, bringing him down


And he’s down! You can see Brady was the only one in on this tackle, but there are his teammates all running ready to help if needed!


Next up, the run he had.


Here’s the pass off from our quarterback, Brady’s in the center of the photo


He’s running through the middle…



And was then finally taken down. He had a great run!

It was such a great game, and the Stallions won 33-0! Jake has loved coaching and we’re hoping for another win this Saturday!

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Della said...

Great commentating Mom! Good luck at the championships Stallions!