Friday, October 26, 2012

The Blaze Practice


Brady’s football team has done so well this year, and the practice before a really tough game last week they had two players from the Blaze, Utah’s Arena Football League team, visit.

I bet you can guess who the Blaze players are in the team photo above. Brady is #21 in the first row and Jake is in the back right.

The positive energy and the techniques and drills the boys learned must have helped because they defeated the other 7-1 team in our league last weekend! We’re so proud of all of these boys! Their team has made it to the playoffs, and with the win last week they are the #1 seed!

The only loss our team has had was in double over-time!! Jake loves coaching and has really enjoyed getting to know these kids and having them open up and kid around with him.  We have one more regular season game tomorrow, wish them luck!

I had shared some scrapbook pages awhile back of a Blaze game Jake and Brady had gone to, you can view them here.

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