Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Well, since October is almost over, I better share the photos from our visit to Snow Bird for Oktoberfest! We had gone right after one of Brady’s football games one weekend at the end of September. Gwynie had decided to hang out with a friend and go to the movies (oh how teenager-ish of her!) so it was just Brady joining us as we met up with our friends Jen and Doug.

By the way, I feel like I’m neglecting Gwynie on the blog-o but she’s been reluctant to pictures as of late, so I guess I need to force her to get in pictures now and geeezzz spend time with the family! Teenagers…. ;)


Jake’s pumpkin beer and Brady’s Root Beer! :) Cheers!


I enjoyed some white wines…no beer for me, blech!


There was a full band that had been taking a break while we were eating our lunch, but it was fun to see the stage all set up.


We had fun with the wooden prop cut-outs!


Jen and I


Jake and Doug


Since Brady was solo during this trip he got to do the tramp jumping!




Look how high he was getting with his flips! He loved to just flip and flip and flip!


To end the day Jen and I did “ski shots” where they have shot glasses affixed to a real ski! You would think it would be a crazy mess, but it was actually really fun and we didn’t spill a drop! :)


Look how pretty this is! Gosh, I do love the mountains..more so when they aren’t covered in snow!;)

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