Thursday, October 25, 2012

Brady’s Lizard Diorama

I wanted to wait and share pics of Brady’s lizard diorama project until he got his grade back, and since he got it back yesterday I can now show you his hard work! (Gwynie will be starting her science fair project next week…when will the projects end, haha.)
His class is learning about Utah studies for 4th grade, and they had to do report on a Utah animal. Brady wanted to do his report on a lizard so we found a lizard that is native to Utah, the Short-horned lizard. He did a lot of research and we all learned some way interesting facts about this little guy!
In addition to doing the report portion they also had to build a diorama and would earn extra points by depicting different elements in the diorama. Those included the animal itself, the environment, food, shelter, predators and plant life. Of course we helped like parents do, but Brady did a lot to put everything together and had a great time setting everything up!
We are so proud that he got 4/4 on his diorama and 4/4 on the oral presentation! ($20 in supplies later…hehe)
To make the diorama, I printed out an 11x17 picture of the Utah dessert for the background and then added in sand for the environment, and moss pieces and mini Christmas trees for the plant life. We took clay and shaped it around little plastic dollar store figures to make them more realistic rather than just plastic, and then used tags to label everything.
One of the facts he learned about the Short-horned lizard, also known as the horny toad, is that this lizard can squirt blood out of it’s eyes to ward off predators. So of course he had to put bits of red by the eyes! ;)
Good job buddy! We are so proud of you and had lots of fun working on this with you!

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Della said...

That is a 'proud of myself' smile on his face for sure! He did a great job on the diorama, and I bet his oral report was fantastic. He gets so animated when he is excited to tell about animals and things. Tell him G'ma said "Good Job"!