Monday, October 8, 2012

Brady & the Giant Peach

Brady’s class recently finished reading James and the Giant Peach, and they had the choice to do an extra credit project based on the book. Brady choose to make a 3D peach so we created a giant paper mache peach complete with the ramshackle house and tree next to it like it describes in the book.

Brady absolutely LOVED doing the paper mache part while I held the balloon in place. It was a messy job, but he had a blast and then he had even more fun painting it!


Mixing the flour and water together for the mache paste



We let it dry overnight and painted it the following day.


The shoebox was filled with dirt, grass and rocks and the giant peach was topped off with some insects like in the book.


I can remember reading this book around his age, so crazy that it’s come full circle! :)

Up next for Brady is a report on a native animal in Utah, along with a diorama of the animal’s habitat, food, etc. Wish us luck! ;) Brady has the report part pretty much done, it’s just the crafty-ness that we need to work on over the next couple days!

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