Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Working on the entry way

Before we moved in we painted and painted and painted some more. Believe it or not, I still have several paint projects I want to tackle, ha! ;)

One of the small things though that I wanted to paint was the hand rail in our entry way. Our home is a split-entry style and while it’s not my favorite, you’ve got to work with what you’ve got. I knew a project this small would be super easy but add a fun touch to the space. I ended up painting two handrails in no time flat!

So, I somehow didn’t take a shot looking down before I took the hand rail off, but here’s what it looked like before with a white hand rail and a dingy wall.  (That we painted as well, I told ya we did a lot of painting….and patching and sanding and cleaning!)


Since we were painting that wall white we were taking off the banisters anyway so it made for quick work to put some paint on them while they was already off. Here’s where we had the hand rial removed and I just had my lone little plant.


Before attaching the hand rails back to the walls, I added in a small mirror I picked up at Target to go above the plant.


I used a semi-gloss black so that if I had to wipe it down (little kid hands and all) it would stand up to the cleaning.


I really want to keep this clean and open but I still think it still needs some love and some texture/layers. A rug of course, maybe a wreath type thing on the inside of the door, and possibly something on the opposite of the door (symmetrical or not – still deciding), and maybe something fun/funky in the window. See, lots of ideas but I want to play around and see what I like. But the next BIG (ok it’s actually kind of smallish) thing that’s going to happen next is to paint the door black! The outside of the door is black so it makes sense to me to do that on the inside, and to make it pop a little more.


I’m really excited to see this little space take on it’s own look that blends with the rest of the house, and that creates a welcoming feeling from the minute you walk in. It already makes me smile to see what a few little changes can do for an entry style that I don’t particularly love. I’ll share some updates as I find some time for them, hehe! ;)


PS – I still have boxes to unpack…and it’s been two months that we’ve been in our new house. Did I mention I had 18 boxes of craft and scrapbook stuff that I packed??! Ah well, more fun things to do I guess but I think that will be a good project during the winter to sort through everything while I play decorator a little bit longer. ;)

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