Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Stansbury Days Parade and Cooling Off

I was going through my memory card the other day and almost forgot about these pics!

The football teams were asked to walk in the Stansbury Days parade and since Jake was playing softball all day long, and Gwynie wanted sleep more than to watch a parade, it was just me and B.


I also saw our vet’s float in the parade, spied the marching band (that we’d been hearing early every summer morning ;)) and the cheerleaders, which we have a couple friends with girls on the squad.


There was also this guy. I feel bad for this guy because it was SUPER hot that day.


So hot in fact that after the parade the boys jumped in Stansbury Lake! Ha!

(B’s the one in the water by the dock and then getting out of the water.)




I’m pretty sure this is where he’s telling the other boys about a bridge….


That they decided to jump off of!


Here he goes!


It was a great day and Brady loved every minute of it! It is still soooo hot with the rest of this week being in the 90s. The 10 day forecast shows a definite decline after that though, and national weather monthly forecast shows we’ll be in the high 70s for most of this month, until the end when it’s low 70s. It’s definitely looking like Fall is on it’s way! I put together some of my fall d├ęcor stuff that I’ll share soon!

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