Monday, September 10, 2012

Our Adventures

I’ve finally finished the “our adventures” section of my blog! Yay! At least until our next adventure. ;)

I uploaded all my photos in Picasa albums (I purchased extra storage) and then added the album links to my sidebar. This way you can click on the photo and be taken to the album to view all of our adventure destinations and the fun times we had!

And just for reference, here are all the albums I added in case you are in Reader and can’t see what’s in the sidebar of the blog-o. These are also clickable so you can go to the album.

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
May 2011

I decided I had to start/end somewhere and went with 2008 since that’s not too long ago, and that seemed like the time we did more vacations other than just local things in Utah since the kids were older and easier to travel with. I have a mile long bucket list of places I’d like to go and can’t wait to add to this little section! :)

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