Friday, September 21, 2012

Living Room Updates and Fall Decorations!

It’s here, it’s here!

The console table I ordered arrived on Wednesday and I got it all decorated last night! I’ve also done a few other things in the living room that I’ll show ya, and I even got some pumpkins set up on the front porch. It’s definitely feeling like Fall now with the décor, pumpkins and cooler temps!

First stop, the living room with my new table! You can sort of see it on the right edge here.


Getting a little closer…. Also, hi Ryker! He was hanging on the couch as I was snapping pics this morning. That’s his favorite spot in the house because of the window and the two air vents on either side of the couch!


Here it is!

(Ummm I somehow took this on a weird angle, ha)


I love this table! It’s the black avington console from Target. I’m trying to decide what I want to put on the bottom as it could be cool with baskets, picture frames or some other type of ephemera. I figure it will just come together eventually. I’m planning on rotating out décor each month or so based on season/holidays, etc. The Peace Love Happiness sign is from Real Deals in Tooele. (Like where half my décor has come from lately!)


This are the fall decorations I’ve set up and will use some of it through Halloween and Thanksgiving with a few changes.


I had this canvas from a lonnng time ago but the other things are new additions. The mini pumpkins are also from Real Deals, and the apothecary jar was from Michael’s. I had all the filler stuff from last year though and just stacked it all up in the jar.


The burlap frame was basically recycling/repurposing some items I had in my craft stash! The frame was intact but the glass in it had a slight crack so I tossed the glass and just used the frame. The burlap was taped to the cardboard insert of the frame and then I just put the frame back together minus the glass. I took the “P” which had been part of a gallery wall in my old house and adhered it to the burlap with super glue. I did this about three weeks ago and it’s still holding up really well!


On the opposite side of the table I have two more glass pieces holding bits of fall-ness. I am probably going to add some sticks or willow type somethings to the taller one to balance it out. The yellow ball is another Real Deals purchase. I framed this print from eighteen25, and have several other prints ready to go when the seasons change! Although I will have to replace the black frame (the back stand is somewhat broken) I will probably keep it the same size, or slightly larger with a matte for my 8x10 prints.


So a few other new things in the room that I haven’t shared yet…..

A new rug! I love it! It brings in the grey I have going on with other areas in the house, and it adds a bit of warmth and texture.


I finally replaced the filler stuff in my tall vase that sits in the corner. Looks like we still have one outlet jack to cover up after painting. ;)


Another new addition, that didn't last long (I’ll explain in a minute) are these gorgeous sea shells! My sea-shellin Momma sent me these straight from the beaches of Florida! I asked her to send me some that I could paint white, but when I got these beauties they were already the perfect color and I didn’t have to do anything at all to them! I absolutely love them!  I had them displayed on one of the side tables by my couch.


Ok so the sad part of the story is that a certain puppy dog was super eager to see his kids as they walked through the front door and he knocked the pedestal off the table. The shells are all fine (thank goodness!) but the glass shattered and I’m hunting for another one. (Which is crazy right?! Delicate shells are fine, but the thick glass was broken, ha!) I had found it at a thrift store so it’s not like I can just go buy the same exact one. :( Oh well! I’m sure I will find something soon! I bet you thought I was going to say the dog ate them huh Mom? ;) Ryker hasn’t touched them at all, other than breaking the dish they were held on!


Here’s a close-up of these shells. Aren’t they amazing! I can’t wait to have them back on display in my living room again! These pics just don’t do them justice! They are so pretty in person!



One other little update is the other side table by the couch and window. I moved the plant (fake of course) from my nightstand to this table, and added this little seashell candle light, and a picture of Jake and I at the beach in Puerto Vallarta.


Funny thing, the little house was from one of Jake’s girl friends in high school, haha. ;) I spray painted it white and although I haven’t put a candle in it, an aqua one would probably look great in there.


Ok this post is getting drastically long, so I will leave you with one last new purchase and another fall pic. I’ll post about our pumpkins and outside planters later!

I found the table runner at Ikea (7.99) and put the tray filled with pinecones, nuts and mini pumpkins (that I shared in a sneak peek before) on top of it. I love this little bit of fall in the dining room/kitchen area!


There are still a ton of projects and things I want to do in these rooms, but I am so happy with the progress we’re making!

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Della said...

This looks great! I love all the fall touches in your home!

I know most of those shells are dog proof, but was wondering if he munched the starfish and sand dollar. Logan loved starfish and ate every one I had!