Saturday, September 29, 2012


We have been sooooo busy and as a result I haven’t made the time to blog since last Friday!

Here’s a glimpse at an average week in our house and why it’s so crazy!

(Full Peek at the Week printable available here)


Monday: Gwynie has Cheer and Tumbling classes which go from 4-6:15 with a short break between classes. Brady has little league wrestling (yes in addition to football) on Monday nights from 6-8, and Jake not only coaches wrestling but then goes to watch film from the previous weeks’ football game to aid in coaching for the week,

Tuesday – Thursday: Football practice from 5:30-7:30. I’ve also signed up and starting going back to the gym and had my first personal training session this wek. I plan on doing at least three days recommended by my trainer, while the boys are at practice.

Friday: High school football games! We meet up with the team coaches and go to the high school to watch the game.

Saturday: Football games! Brady’s team plays every Saturday at noon and Jake is coaching. We’re at the fields by 11, and typically when there are away games we leave the house by 10.

Sunday: Try to catch up on sleep and clean the house!

Aaaannnnnnd then we start all over! ;)

Uggghhhhh…..haha. That doesn’t really leave me much time for home projects or scrapbooking lately considering each night we’re doing some form of homework or school projects with the kids, getting dinner on the table (hungry bellies!), and cleaning up (or trying to) after everything else that went on that day.

I absolutely love having active kids and an active family lifestyle and sometimes I just wish it would all slooooow dooowwwnnn, but I’ve decided to just savor these moments no matter how fast they race by! I guarantee when the kids have left home we will be severely bored so I need to appreciate the busyness that is our lives at the moment. ;)

So, if things are a little quiet on the blog-o for a bit, just know I’m soaking up every last minute I can with my crazy kiddos and lovable hubby. And hopefully during that time I’ll have plenty to share here!

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