Monday, September 17, 2012

Brady’s web-cast debut

Once upon a time Brady loved to record just about anything, especially himself in a Johnny Knoxville “Jack Ass” esque type video where he introduced himself and often times did some highly questionable dare-devil antics and Gwynie was his faithful recorder and part-time director. I will also allocate the blame partly to i-Carly for this as well. ;)

I’ve been digging through memory cards (to clean them up) and to organize all my photos for each year. I found some of those videos Brady and Gwynie recorded a couple years ago. They are ABSOLUTELY hilarious and so fun to watch. If you are prone to motion sickness, they are probably not the vids you’d want to watch though. ;)

Side note: Yes, I’m that crazy freak that labels all her photos as month and year in each file and stored on a portable hard drive. I have from 2000-2012 all stored on my portable hard drive and try to keep up with all the photos I take all.the.time.

These were both from 2010 (I think a few months a part for sure though) and I honestly don’t know where Jake and I were or what we were doing while the kids were doing this, ha!

The first one is pretty dang good actually!

Archery Talk with Brady Phillips

See….”random dancing” I totally blame you i-Carly. Also, WOW old house and way old décor! Too funny to see! ;) Also, that was right around the time I got my Xyron Creatopia to review from Craft Critique and all the boxes were piled up after I pulled everything out. That was an awesome day.

The next one is a little crazy-ness but that’s what I love about it! This again was in our old house, and back when Brady had his IKEA loft bed. Many a race track, monster truck track, Thomas the Train track and Tech Deck arena was erected under that bed!

Brady’s Tech Deck Talk

My favorite lines from this:

Brady: That just happened! What?! (3x…yep he said that like three times, other videos like above he was a little more vocal, ha)

Gwynie: Oh dude! That hurt! That was my ribcage!

I’m a lady ok, don’t hurt me!

Well you’re the one that hired me!

Are we gonna get this show on the road, or are we just gonna sit here?!


It cracks me up to watch these and I’m so glad that we have these to look back on!

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