Thursday, September 20, 2012

A few short years…

I’ve been reflecting on how fast this year has raced by and how quickly my kids are growing up. They like to tell me I’m getting old, but I always reply that they are the ones getting old! ;)

As I was driving into work the other day I started to think about what our lives will be like a few years from now and couldn’t help recall the past and where we were before. It’s crazy to me what a few years can do!


I am 30 and Jake is 31. We’re close to rounding up those numbers by a year.


St. Patrick’s Day and our friend Lenny’s birthday! (Had to include a funny one! Hehe!)

Gwynie is 13 and Brady is 9. We have an 8th grader and a 4th grader in the house.

8th grade4th grade

(Pics seen in this post)

Easter @ the in-laws house, April 2012

Three years ago….

I was 27 and Jake was 28.


Celebrating our anniversary at the Green Day concert, August 2009

Gwynie was 10 and Brady was 6. They were in 5th and 1st grade respectively.


Luau birthday part @ the neighbors house, May 2009


Celebrating Thanksgiving @ the in-laws house, November 2009

Now, that doesn’t seem like that long ago, but add three more years to that….

Six years ago…

I was 24 and Jake was 25.


Blaze Football Game, March 2006


Gwynie was 7 and Brady was 3. She was a first grader and he was barely pre-school age. I had such a hard time choosing pics because they were just too cute at this age! ;)


Hogle Zoo (including mine above), September 2006

It’s crazy to think, but add three more….

Nine years ago…

I was 21 and Jake was 22. Gwynie was 4 and Brady was a newborn and a perfect addition to our family.

Picture 482Picture 575Picture 530Picture 524Picture 529

Welcoming Brady to the family, (ONE day old!) January 2003

It is still so crazy to me to think how far our little family has come in just 9 years! It seems like just *yesterday* my two babies were like the photo above.

I shudder to think what another 9 more years will bring us as I’ll be 39, Jake will be 40, Gwynie will be 22 and Brady will be 18 and graduating. Yikes! It’s a little easier to swallow when I think about three years from now, but not by much! ;)

Three years from now…

I’ll be 33 and Jake will be 34. (Ok manageable and I can deal with that.)

Gwynie will be 16 and Brady will be 12. She’ll be driving and he’ll be starting junior high. (Um, no! Crazy talk!)

No matter what though, as long as we’re all together, happy and healthy then I think the years won’t matter too much. They just give us many more memories to cherish and time to be together. :)

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Della said...

Those short years add up don't they? Amazing that you ALL are as old as you are when I clearly remember you being the ages of the kids in these pics!