Monday, August 13, 2012

The Living Room: An Update

Well, I finally feel like we’re making progress on the house!

I’ve been focusing on the main living areas of the house, the kitchen and living room, and thought I would share where I’m at with the living room. There are still a few things I need to do in here like hang pictures, consider some window treatments, order a rug and get my console table in, but it’s definitely come a long way!

There were several DIY projects that have gone into this room and I’ve been able to keep things pretty inexpensive since I’m repurposing a lot. I decided to post the pics of the space today, and then go into more of the projects and detail shots this week.

BUT, before I show you where I’m at now, here’s a Before-Before shot. There were lots of rooms with this tan color that I didn’t love.


Then the Move-In picture. We painted everything on the main floor white to brighten things up. I may paint that wall with the window, but haven’t committed to it yet.


So, we moved in and had this set up for a couple weeks while I unboxed things that were slightly more important to our survival than decorations. It was a tough choice, really. I snapped this right before we replaced the entertainment center and I really got down to business.






And the full reveal! Well, we’ll call this the “Almost After” shot since I still have to get those pictures on the side hung and lots of other things above mentioned that I want to do. ;) At least this shows a lot of the progress that’s been made in a month!



And a few more shots around the room.



This side is where I have some work to do. I have a console table picked out, but I just need to order it. It’s from Target and is an online only item. So…I’m using the bench that came with our dining room set to get an idea of how it will look. The table is of course taller, but it’s the same length as my bench and almost the same depth so gives me a pretty good idea of what to expect when it arrives.

Also, the pictures on the side there…some will go on the wall above the entertainment center, and some I’m still not quite sure. I’m contemplating a gallery type style above the console table, but we’ll see what I decide. I’m leaving myself open to some options. I also need to replace the “fillers” in my black vase jar thingy. They were a little mangled after being moved so I decided to just buy new. Which I will get around to one of these days. ;)


Our house is a split level entry so when you walk in the front door you go up a set of stairs and this is your first view between the kitchen/dining room area and the living room. I’ll be sharing the kitchen later on this week since there are some super fun projects that I finished up for that space, too!


So just a quick reminder of where we were, and where we’re at now. Still lots to do, but I’m so, so glad with this room and the direction it’s headed in. Tomorrow I’ll start “dissecting” the items in the room and give some close-ups and the steps for the DIY projects I did.


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