Thursday, August 30, 2012


I think everyone in the fam gets pretty ample time on the blog (maybe less of Jake but I’m guessing he doesn’t mind too much), but I realized that Ryker has been left out. Ryker is our Siberian Husky and most definitely a member of our family! Ryker has several nicknames like any family member: Ryke, Ryke-a-tyke, Comrade (cause he’s Russian), Ry-ko, Alcatraz (you know, as in Riker’s island) and the list goes on.

We have had Ryker for a little over a year now. He was three months old when we got him last June, and although he can push his puppy limits to the max, we sure do love him.


Ryker, 3 months, June 2011


Ryker, 1 year 3 months, June 2012

It cracks us up to look back at some of these pictures and see how big his ears were! We didn’t notice it then, but he has grown into his ears which makes us glad, haha!


He loves to cuddle. Except now he’s my 50 pound cuddler. This was when we first brought him home! June 2011



He loves car rides but was definitely easier to manage when he was little and tuckered out from geocaching! July 2011


He also likes playing with his girl friend Sadie at her house. August 2011


If I had to say Ryker had a favorite hobby though, it would be running and hanging out at the dog park. September 2011


He also likes playing “follow the kid” at the dog park! ;) Not sure who had more fun that time!


But all that playing leads to a tired puppy! After his first visit to the dog park he was so exhausted from all that running around and had to lay down to drink his water.


Which reminds me, he did this A LOT when we first got him! He laid down all the time to drink his water.


He puts up with a lot. But then again so do we. It’s a mutual understanding.


He was a bit of a handful during the first few puppy training classes, but then was a champ and picked up every trick and skill!


Ahhh look how little he was! Someone loves cuddling with this girly. July 2011


As evidenced by this picture from last weekend! He sure loves her! August 2012


Or maybe it’s her bed he loves….. July 2012


Or maybe it’s just any bed?? Totally caught him watching Secretariat one morning, ha! August 2012


It could be that he just likes blankets and soft pillows in general. He didn’t mind one bit when Jake “tucked him in” one night.

August 2012


In addition to loving pillows and blankets, he LOVES a cool breeze whipping through those ginormous ears and over his face.



One thing he didn’t like though was our new camera with the lens zooming in and out of his face. He hardly ever barks, but let us know how much he didn’t like this one bit! June 2012


When he realized the camera was harmless Jake was able to capture this picture and his gorgeous blue eyes. How can I ever be mad at this cute little face? Well I have been mad, but usually get over it pretty quickly.


Ryker even looks good in cake form! This was Brady’s cake this year and he wanted a Ryker topping! January 2012


Before we went to Florida in June we took Ryker to the dog park to spend some time with him before we had to board him for two weeks. We missed him terribly during that time and each time we board him now it makes me appreciate having him around even more.



OF COURSE I had to sneak in a few of the kiddos from that day! My mom calls Ryker her grand-doggy, but I’m sure she doesn’t mind a few of the grand-kids squeezed in here. ;)


(Please stop growing little miss! You are growing up way to fast!) What gets me even more is that I just said, “Hey Gwynie,” she turned and I snapped this. WHO takes such great pictures like that on the fly?? Oh that’s right, this cute girl above.


Ryker loves to run and play with other dogs!

So, here’s a fun little video I got of him on my iPhone. Ryker always tries to sneak some of my wine out of my glass, and every.single.time. he freaks out after that first taste. You’d think he’d stop, but no…. Seriously, he hardly ever barks except at wine and when Jake is teasing the kids!


As I’ve been typing up this post Ryke has been laying under my feet the whole time. Although he has had his moments we love this crazy dog. He loves us and we love him. Most of the time.

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Della said...

Fantastic post! Ryker is a gorgeous granddoggy! He's a wonderful addition to the family :) The pics are all so good, and I really love the one where all 4 of his "feet" are off the ground.

The kids pics are an especially loved addition to this post!!!!