Sunday, August 26, 2012

Gwynie’s Candy Buffet


Miss Gwynie turned 13 in June!

We had planned on doing her party in our new house since we were packing and moving right around her birthday. Luckily, she’s an easy going and flexible girl and waited for us to do her party with our housewarming party.



I mentioned the idea of a candy buffet and she loved it! I spent the past couple months collecting the glass pieces, and had Gwynie pick out all of her favorite candies.

These are all the candies Gwynie picked out. The marshmallows listed are the ones in the vase with green tissue paper. They were in the marshmallow isle and are ice cream cones and cupcake shapes! I stuck lollipop sticks in the bottom of them and then stuck them in a styrofoam circle that I put in the vase.


Another angle of all the candy!


And some fun editing below. ;)


Here’s some close-ups of the candies!


My friend Sharon made the cake and cake pops, which were a big hit!


Gwynie loved her party!

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Della said...

Every kids dream come true!