Monday, August 27, 2012

First Football Game – 2012-2013 season!

It’s football time!

Over the weekend Brady had his first game. It was a pre-season game and they will have their first “official” game this weekend, but it was a good warm-up for the team to get those jitters out and work on a few things. They won 26-14 and had a blast!

I took around 300 pictures, but like any sports thing I only end up with a handful that are actually good. ;) I picked out some of my favorites below!

I also created this little gif of the boys running through the banner after half-time. I didn’t realize it at the time, but after looking through these pictures I found out Brady is the little guy that grabbed part of the banner and ran with it. HA!


Here’s the boys at turbo speed! ;)



Now some pictures from the game!

Warming up


The game was against Brady’s old team… :( This would have been Jake’s team as he was going to be the A team coach for Cyprus if we hadn’t moved out to Stansbury. Brady’s best friends are on this team, but he decided they could be friends after the game, not on the field.




Hey hot stuff!


Gwynie was recruited to help hold the banner!


A player hurt his leg on the field so our coach picked him up and brought him back to the sidelines. Way to go Brandon!


Here’s Brady standing next to one of the bigger kids on the team. Brady is the smallest on his team…hopefully he grows soon!




Jake always makes sure to shake the officials hands after the game is over to thank them for reffing.


The boys were so excited and were jumping up and down after their win! Look at my cute Brady in the front!


We missed getting a picture with Brady’s best friend Taylor, but we found Carter and got a picture of the two together.



We have games every Saturday at noon for the next several weeks and they will continue to practice five days a week until after Labor Day when they go down to three days. I’d say we’re ready for a fun and busy football season! Go Stallions!

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