Monday, August 20, 2012

Entering the kitchen

So I’ve pretty much wrapped up sharing the living room (until I post again once a few more things are done) and thought I’d share one more little decorative spot before going into the kitchen.

There’s a closet on one side of the entry way into the kitchen, and on the other side this half wall separating the living room and the kitchen.

This picture shows that wall and the little decorating I’ve done on that otherwise empty wall.

(Just remember that other side of my living room is in progress and that’s not the real table just a bench to help me picture the space.) ;)

The living room and kitchen have vaulted ceilings so this little half wall could potentially house stuff on it’s top. For now it’s empty and I’m sort of digging the clutter free look.


This little table, platter and mirror have all had quite the transformation.

In my old living room the table and platter looked like this:

The table stayed the same, but looks so different now with different things on it!


I spray painted the platter white and topped it with an aqua candle ($6 I think at Wal-Mart) and pip berries ($6 local consignment store). The mirror was a wedding gift! It was brown and had been on the landing near the door in our old house. It also had some fake plant stems in it that I’d put in there ages ago. I took those out and painted it black to update it with the new look.

I’m thinking I might like a small wreath hanging in the center of the mirror to give it a little more depth. One thing I’ve noticed in all the photos in blog land and Pinterest of home décor that I love, each one has lots of layers to it. I think adding in some warmth and texture in different ways really pulls the room together. So, that’s on my list as well, but I love this little set up.


Tomorrow I’ll be posting on the kitchen now that we’ve gone almost into it today! ;)

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Della said...

I love this! The candle really pops on that now white stand, and the little pip berries are a nice accent.