Wednesday, August 15, 2012

DIY Driftwood Oars

Alright, so I started the week off with a reveal of our almost done living room and yesterday posted about the DIY Distressed Candlestick holders. Today I’m going to show how I turned an old set of oars into an accent piece for our new space.


But first, remember my Living Room Transformation post on the morph of our style and living rooms? Here’s where these oars started out in my old house and two, now three living rooms ago.



The oars before!



1. The first thing to do was remove the letters and wood cut moose from each oar.


2. Next was to sand off the glue and and left over paint.

Note - Pretend I got all the stuff off the first time. It wasn’t until after I was done painting that I realized and had to start all over. Basically, I failed with a hand sanding block. However, I decided it would be a good investment to get an electric hand sander to help out with this project. Crisis averted.


4. Pretend these are totally sanded down.


5. And start painting!



6. Now pretend that I took a picture of these oars with white spray paint coating them. Good job.

7. Now pretend I took a picture (oopsies!) of me sanding the oars.

Somehow along the way of all my projects going on Saturday I missed these two steps, but luckily they are pretty self explanatory!

I added some sawtoth brackets to the back to hang them on my wall.


In my living room they are on the far wall by the window.


I love how these turned out, it’s fun to see the before and after!


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Della said...

I was eyeballing these oars in your post yesterday. I remember them the way they were "before". I really like the after, though. I've been looking for a set of actual full size oars, so if you see any......