Tuesday, August 14, 2012

DIY Distressed Candlestick holders

I showed you our Living Room “almost done” reveal yesterday and now the rest of the week I’m sharing close-ups of the room, and the DIY projects that went into the space.

One of the projects I was most excited for were these DIY Distressed Candlestick holders.



Here’s what I had to work with and where this project all started.


The light is weird in this one so the pics below show a better look at the color.


Not bad really, but not the colors I’m using in my house so they need to be vamped up and changed out.

Here’s what I did to go from a goldish antiqued look to a distressed style!

1. I started off by spray painting all three candlestick holders black.


2. This part was one the hardest…waiting 24 hours for the spray paint to fully dry! Once it was done though, I sprayed a couple coats of white paint over top of the black.


3. I let it sit for about an hour and then came the fun part! Sanding!!! I used a small hand sanding block and just worked over the edges and sanded/rubbed any areas I wanted more black to show through.


4. I sprayed on a couple coats of clear to seal it in and then set it up in my house!


I absolutely LOVE how these turned out!


Candlestick holders//Junk pile at work that was being tossed//FREE

Moss orb and stone orb// Real Deals on Home Décor (Tooele)// $8.99 and $4.99

Armillary silver sphere//DIY project I will share//$3.00

Spray paint//already on hand


Eventually I’ll have my “real” console table and these will be displayed on it. This gives an idea of where it’s at in my living room.


I can’t wait to get the table in there and the pics hung up so I can show you what’s been in my head the past few weeks! Also, see that little glass pedestal? I have big plans for that! Mom is shipping me some goodies from the beaches of Florida so I can start on that project soon.

Hopefully by the time that project is done I will have my console table in place and can do another reveal!

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Della said...

Love those candle holders. You did a great job on them! I'd love to have some to encrust with shells :) I've actually been on the lookout for the perfect set.