Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Catching up on daily life

I feel like it’s time once again for my catching up on daily life post. We’re always on the go and do lots of stuff, but I like to remember those little moments that happen throughout the day/week//months/year.

Catching up on daily life at the Phillips house… (all taken with my iPhone)


Sometime in June our friends asked us to go hang at a local bar. Impromptu date night requires a “selfie” shot!  I love this guy.


Archery practice at Grandma and Grandpa’s house. Brady wanted me to record him shooting as well, haha.


Brady commented that this wasn’t a steak, this was a bike seat! I’d have to agree!


On our way to a camping trip over the 4th of July we stopped for drinks and were near the Lehi Roller Mills. This is a big deal (to me anyway) because this is where they did a lost the filming for Footloose! I have loved that show since I was a little girl! I would love to go in one day, but haven’ seemed to find the time. I wonder why? ;)


We took the kids to Lagoon, a local amusement park, one Sunday and had the best time. The weather was perfect and we packed our suits and towels so we could spend some time at the water park located in Lagoon. The kids love to play the guess your weight games because the people can never guess their weights because they are so tiny and they win prizes!


I got super sick with a bad stomach flu that was going around and was feeling cruddy for three days. I had checked my horoscope for fun one day and it clearly said I wasn’t doing well, haha.


Ok, so Gwynie’s bed still wasn’t set up in this photo, ha. I went to wake the kids up and Brady had climbed into bed with Gwyn because he had a bad dream. They are so cute together. Sure they fight and bicker, but they really are great friends. I love it!


Our company participates in the Corporate Games, and local event put on by the Salt Lake Parks and Rec for companies to compete against each other. I’ve been the Coordinator for the last three years and have enjoyed going to events and playing in a few. This picture was from the Showcase Showdown where you provide some hospitality and show team spirit at the Opening Ceremonies. It was a super hot day, but we won Best Cheer so doing the splits were totally worth it! ;)


The same day as our Opening Ceremonies for Corp Games, Jake and I went to a friends for a memorial service (two year remembrance for her husband) and then we headed off to the Neil Diamond concert. Our company has a suite at the Rio Tinto Stadium where he played so we were lucky enough to get invited. It was so fun!


To cap off the evening we went to the club/bar next to the stadium and enjoyed drinks on the patio. It was a great end to a busy and fun day!

We’re busy with football starting, but no pics yet since I haven’t been to a full practice. Brady made the “A” team and Jake is helping coach this year.


Last, since the boys have practice and Jake is coaching that means I have to start cooking around here. Ugh. I am so lucky that Jake enjoys cooking and is really good at it, ha! I have been trying out some new recipes, and the one above is Shrimp Scampi from The Pioneer Woman.

I have a feeling the next few months are just going to fly by as the kids head back to school, football is underway and we gear up for wrestling season! I also have a ton of projects a mile long so hopefully this fall I can get some of those done!

What have been your little moments this summer?

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