Friday, August 31, 2012

Before & After Outfit

Sometimes you have a “light bulb” moment, an ah-ha instance.

That moment for me was reading this blog, Putting Me Together, and seeing a picture of her tucking her shirt into her skirt and sometimes adding a belt. So I kept reading and learned a little bit more about “remixing” your wardrobe.

I decided to try this out the very next day and on Wednesday I put this outfit together…notice how I used to wear this outfit in the before, and how I dressed it up by tucking it in and adding a belt in the after!


The Before:

Same shirt and skirt, but you’ll notice it’s a LOT more casual with white flip flops and some whimsical white earrings. Plus, the whole “loose” shirt just doesn’t give me any shape and kind of hangs on my body.



The After:

Really, all I did was tuck my shirt into my skirt and add a stretchy belt that came with a pair of pants I bought a couple months ago. To dress it up a little more I changed earrings, added a necklace and traded my flip-flops in for some high heels (that you really can’t see with the grass…).  Not only did a I feel more polished and put together, but I loved how this look accentuated my figure. Can you believe these were taken on the same day AND within minutes of each other??!!


I received a TON of compliments on my outfit that day. My friend Brooke asked me where I got my outfit and I replied, “My closet!” ha! ;)These are all things I’ve had for a long time (that skirt is 6+ years old, no joke), but I’ve just never paired them up like this before. Now, I’m looking at my wardrobe in all new ways. I’ve already made a list of different  “completer” items I need to stock up on, a few new accessories to watch out for, and a few basics I’ll need to get my hands on to use in a mix and match way. This won’t be an overnight thing, but slowly and surely (like my house progress!) I’ll get there!

Any tips you can give to styling and mixing your wardrobe?

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