Wednesday, August 1, 2012

“Baby’s” First Instagram

Gwynie got an iPhone for her birthday  in June (we’re doing her party later this month with our big trip and move that happened in the middle of it) and last week I introduced her to some of my favorite apps. She’s all set up on Instagram and created her own collage with PicStitch. The kid’s a natural I tell you! No help from me or Jake on these, it’s all her! #soproud #parentingteens


New shoes (DC’s) for school! These pretty much describe my 13 (!) year old…bright, loud and happy!


And her first Instagram pic…she is way cooler than I am for sure!

Talking about my cute girl though…today she is having three teeth extracted to make room for braces. There isn’t enough room in her mouth for her eye teeth to drop down so she’s had some pretty rockin’ vampire fangs for awhile now.They’ll be knocking her out with anesthesia so I’m hoping she has an easy time with all of this. Then once her mouth/gums are all healed up and they make some molds the braces can begin, probably next month I’m guessing? I imagine we’ll find out more tomorrow if not later this month.I must say she’s not entirely thrilled with the whole braces thing, but she is somewhat looking forward to the colored rubber bands and changing them out with the holidays. Ha. Just one more reason I love this kid. Wish us luck! :)

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