Thursday, July 5, 2012

Working on the kitchen

I showed a sneak peak of the photo below with some pretties I picked up at Tai Pan Trading the other day. Now I can show you what I did with them!


But first, here’s what the kitchen was before. We just touched up the white paint and didn’t really do much in here, other than scrubbing the tops of cabinets and cabinet fronts.


Can I tell you how much I’m loving the vaulted ceilings and the can lights in the kitchen?! So in love!

Now, here’s where I’m starting out in the kitchen with just adding a few elements and decorations here and there. I’m still working on what I want in the upper cabinets. In my old kitchen I had lots of pottery and may put that back up, but again, doing the waiting thing and making it slowly come together. :)

The “family” was in my old living room, and the aqua watering can was a previous silver/tin with lots of painted flowers. I think it had been given to me ages ago and I tossed it on my cabinet tops and basically forgot about it. A few coats of aqua spray paint turned it around and I love it now!


And now a few close-ups of the little touches around the kitchen!


This was the planter you saw in the photo above from my sneak peek with the grass now in it!  I may end up adding a bit more grass to fill it out, but I’m liking the look so far. I also have my fruit bowl next to it (sorry no other close pics, ha) that Jake found at Big Lots a couple years ago. He thought I might like it, and he was so right!


So these side by side photos are the ends of the window. I left blank space in between for some balance and to not clutter up the ledge.

One the left side: The aqua bird house was a former kitchen piece that was a faded wood. Spray paint fixed it up! The large bird house is one I found at a thrift store a few years ago and was in my kitchen before. The candle holder was in my old living room and was also from Tai Pan when I did that last round of decorating. I will be on the lookout for the perfect candle to go on top. ;)  This side may change a little, I don’t know yet.

On the right side: The easel will hold a tile I have to find and unpack, ;) that was given to us this past Christmas. I kept trying to find the right stand for this tile and was so glad when I found this one at Tai Pan. The “P” (for Phillips) was used as a wall decoration on a photo collage I had in my old hallway. Not sure if I’m going to put that back up or not. Anyway, the basket was one I had in my old living room filled with decorative orbs and balls. Ryker ate several of those so I basically had to start over with it. Which worked out perfect anyways so I could redo it for the kitchen. All those balls are ones I got at Tai Pan, and I still want to find a couple more colors and different sizes to fill it out.


This is the counter directly by the sink where I have all sorts of cooking type things….salt, pepper and oil, sugar and flour canisters and the spice rack. The s/p grinders and spice rack were from my Mom for Jake one year for Christmas…remember I don’t do the cooking, it’s all Jake. ;)


By the stove I have the knife stand (missing knives I think are in a box somewhere? ha )  and our utensil holder. I found the hard way that a gas stove (my first!) gets a hot top and those metal utensils get wayyyy too hot when left on there.

I missed the cabinet next to the pantry and the fridge, but the only thing on that counter thus far is my Scentsy so you’re not missing much.


This is the other half of the kitchen, the dining room area. My bakers rack will eventually go on the far wall on the right after I do some painting on it. Normally this table is cleared off and clean, but I wanted to show this area as it was the morning I took these photos….with Brady’s tech decks all over the place, ha!

Eventually I think I’m going to recover these chairs. We have a full bench that goes with the dining room set, but opted to leave it out so the kids could use the chairs as they are getting older. I’ll also do some sort of centerpiece I think on the table, but if it looks cluttery then that’s a no-go. I may also paint the main wall an aqua color but I’m still thinking about it.

Overall I’m really loving the kitchen! It’s so open and has tons of natural light coming in all throughout the day. The next steps for this space would be to finish decorating the tops of the cabinets, hang a couple signs and finish off the dining room area. I have a few ideas kicking around for that wall and a redo of my bakers rack. All in good time. :)

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